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Last month, I introduced Nespresso’s limited edition release of SELECTION VINTAGE 2014, an Arabica coffee that was harvested three years ago. The coffee endures an interesting taste of woodiness combined with fruity notes, and a velvety texture. And since it was recommended that this special breed of matured coffee was to be enjoyed black, I was inspired to pair it with the bold flavors of aged meats and cheeses.

I’ve learned from my time with fellow Nespresso coffee connoisseurs that, just like wine, coffee, when paired with food, can exhibit different flavours and aromas.

And so, I was curious to see what this distinctive collection of vintage coffee would taste like, when matched with something sweet, instead of salty.Read more to find out!

Nespresso Vintage Selection Smoothie Bowl
To me, coffee and breakfast go hand in hand. When I wake up, these are two things I can’t live without before starting my day. Since I was on the quest to find out how SELECTION VINTAGE 2014 would stack up next to something sweet, I chose to pair my cup of OriginalLine coffee with a colorful and fresh smoothie bowl!  

I mean, who doesn’t love a good smoothie bowl, am I right?

Beautiful Smoothie Bowl Nespresso
Nespresso Vintage Selection Smoothie Bowl 1
Nespresso Vintage Selection 1
There’s likely a million ways you can whip up a smoothie bowl. Personally, I love blending fruits with plain yogurt to create my own base, then topped with a combination of fresh and frozen fruits and some additional blast of flavours.

For this one, I blended half a banana and a handful of frozen mangos with plain, non-fat, Greek yogurt. I then topped with fresh raspberries, blackberries, frozen peaches, and the remaining banana. To give my smoothie bowl an extra boost, I sprinkled with hemp seeds and coconut chips. I assumed that all the sweet ingredients will likely highlight the fruitiness of the coffee, therefore to balance it out, I added a two small bricks of dark chocolate (yum!).

Breakfast Smoothie Bowl
Tea towels: c/o Senay Designs

Just as I suspected, the natural sugars from the fresh and frozen fruits elevated the fruity notes when compared to my last month’s charcuterie pairing.

I’ll have to honestly say, whether you’re in the mood for salty or sweet, don’t miss your chance to try VINTAGE SELECTION 2014 and plus, aged coffee just sounds classy!

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