Lifestyle :: A Fresh Approach to Your Workday

Natalie Ho - Joe Fresh 1 700px

Many of you wonder how I can manage a full time gig and my side hustle as a blogger. Well, the secret is … I start my workdays early (I’m at my desk by 7 am!) and I am always looking for ways to cut down any unnecessary time spent on getting ready or preparing meals.

However, it also means that on extremely lazy or dreary days, I’m not always looking my finest during the wee hours of the morning, and admittedly, I also find myself reaching for unhealthy lunch and snack options just for the sake of saving time.

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Outfit :: A Pink Valentine

Le Chateau Valentines

I love Valentine’s Day because it always gives me the excuse to dress in pink! And honestly, I also LOVE seeing all the cute heart shaped products that get released, they are all so adorable! We celebrated Valentine’s Day early this year by visiting FIGO for an amazingly delicious prix fixe brunch. If you’ve not yet visited FIGO, I highly recommend it. Not only are the cocktails and food fantastic, but the interior decor inside is on-point and so romantic.

I sported some pre-Spring items for our brunch date, including this floral dress from Joe Fresh (I linked more options below) and a crepe pastel pink blazer. I also picked up this pair of grey suede boots, I’ve been eyeing them for a while and so glad to see that they’re currently 50% off!

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Outfit :: Comfy AF

Alley and Rae Comfy AF Sweatshirt

I was super stoked when I found these pink velvet boots at ZARA. I had been contemplating for awhile but was a little gun shy on making the move because let’s face it, pink and velvet is anything but typically when it comes to choice in footwear. I was afraid that they would be a challenge to pair an outfit with and also unsure about how the material would hold up. I mean we’re in the midst of winter after all!

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Outfit :: Easy Sunday

Aritzia Coat, Le Chateau OTK Boots, Westerbliss Sweater,

I’m so glad that I finally managed to meet up with my photographer friend, Aminaz of Love Over Lenses over the past weekend to shoot these fun photos! I spent so much time in December working on holiday DIY posts that I really missed putting together outfits and sharing them with you guys!

As much as I prefer to be behind the scenes, many of you really enjoy it when I post photos of me via Instagram (who knew?!). So as part of my 2017 content strategy, I’ll be integrating more fashion and outfit posts, I hope you guys will like it! And as always, I really really appreciate all your support!

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Outfit :: What is Old is New Again


Don’t you love it when you find something that you’ve forgotten you had in your own closet? It’s like shopping without having to spend any cash! I was digging through my closet the other day trying to locate a t-shirt when I stumbled across this vintage Dior clutch. I totally forgot I had this and honestly, I can’t even remember how I acquired it!

The thing I love most about winter fashion are all the different fabrics – faux fur, velvet, suede, you name it! My vintage Dior deserved to be paired with luxe companions, therefore I decided to bring out all three fun textures!

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Outfit :: Oversized Cardi & Leopard Print + $100 Giveaway!


We’ve been spoiled by the perfect Fall weather lately, you know the kind that allows you to pile up a few light layers and drape on an oversized coat (LOVE mine from SOSKEN Studios)? While cleaning my storage room the other day as we get ready for a little DIY home renovation project, I found these fun leopard print booties I bought a few seasons ago from Zara. I was so glad I stumbled upon them because honestly I had totally forgotten about them!

Since the boots already exhibit a pretty loud print, I decided to pair them with this new Cupcakes and Cashmere overcoat I received from Sash Boutique. I love the burnt orange/red stripes on this coat, it adds an interesting twist of colour without being over the top. I’ve been a long time fan of Emily Schuman of Cupcakes and Cashmere and so happy to have acquired my very first peice from her fashion line! Thanks Sash!

Keep reading to win a $100 gift card to Sash Boutique!

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Outfit :: Sweater Weather


I absolutely can’t believe we’re approaching the end of October already! How time flies! I’ve been in denial in terms of admitting that it’s likely time to bring out the Winter coats. Instead, I’ve been practicing my layering skills and embracing what ‘Sweater Weather’ has to offer.

For Brunchday (and by that I mean Sunday LOL!), I layered up a thin Cold Shoulder Knit with a SUPER SOFT cardigan. If I were to give any recommendations for layering, start with less bulk and work your way up. The worst (and most uncomfortable) approach is starting with something too loose and chunky underneath, creating what I call, ‘fat armpits’.

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Outfit :: Fall Foliage {BRAVE Leather Giveaway}


There are only a few weeks in the year where you get to experience the beauty that Fall has to offer. The trees are changing in colour as they are getting ready to shed their layer of leaves in time for Winter. We visited Rouge Park with the hopes to capture the wonderful views but I’d say that we were only partially successful. The park was HUGE and we was pointed to a handful of park entrances that didn’t guide us to exactly the vision of Fall foliage I was looking for! Needless to say, we engaged in a refreshing stroll through the park grounds and breathed in the fresh warm autumn air. We did however manage to find this quiet shaded tree-lined nook and snapped a few photos of my casual look.

Accessories are key when it comes to sprucing up any casual outfit and so happy that my friends at BRAVE Leather recommended this double buckle leather belt and shearling bucket bag as the perfect companions.

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Outfit :: Stepping into Fall


Wearing OTK boots to the office can be a bit delicate. If not paired appropriately, the whole look can back fire, and well truthfully, it can go from classy to sleazy too quickly! The key to pairing your over-the-knee boots in the workplace is to find a dress with a conservative length and (trendy) cut. This dress is by far one of my most favourite purchases this season, it has the perfect mini bell sleeves that is currently trending and exhibits a slightly loose but structured cut that allows for layering of a dress shirt underneath without adding extra bulk. And as the weather starts to cool down even more, it can been paired with slim pants and a knit turtleneck that makes a smooth transition into winter. A super great buy in my opinion!

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Outfit :: Double Take


Hi guys! So sorry for the silence last week, life just caught up on me and I had to take a break in between all the events! Back today with a super short post, but promise more to come this week! Victoria (from The Lust Listt) and I, alongside with a handful of beautiful influencers participated in Diesel’s 2016 fall campaign. We were given 49 rules of successful living to choose from and was asked to showcase which one particularly stood out and represented each one of us personally. Read the full article →