DIY :: Sharpie Watercolour Journals and Desk Accessories

DIY Desk Accessories Office Space

I love using Sharpie markers in my DIY projects. They are so versatile and come in so many different colours, felt tip sizes, and can be drawn on countless materials and surfaces. With the fresh start of 2017, I’ve got my mind on setting goals and planning out the projects and accomplishments I want to tackle this year. My home office is where I get a lot of head-down work done but it’s also where I’m most inspired.

To kick off the year, I thought it’d be the perfect time customize some new notepads and desk accessories with the help of the limited-edition Sharpie Color Burst Permanent Markers. I used a simple watercolour technique with the Sharpie markers and the results were fabulous!

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DIY :: Spreading Joy with Giant Christmas Crackers


Do the kids in your family love unwrapping presents as much as the ones in mine? My nephews LOVE ripping wrapping paper apart. It’s been a family tradition that on Christmas Eve, we all gather at my sister’s place and bring our gifts over to unwrap. The kids are always volunteering to open up ours even though they’ve got plenty of their own to tackle!! It’s incredible how much joy they get from tearing paper and boxes apart with all their might!

This year, I thought I’d spread some extra joy to them and greet them with a couple of Giant Christmas Crackers filled with Cadbury Dairy Milk goodies! Did you know there are Christmas themed Cadbury Mini Eggs?!

Read further to see how to make giant Christmas crackers! They’re also great for adults of all ages!

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DIY :: Hand Painted Holiday Plates and Mugs Gift Set


I love using permanent markers in my DIY projects. They are so versatile and come in so many different colours, felt tip sizes, and can be drawn on countless materials and surfaces. I’ve worked on many marker projects in the past, but I must say, what I am about to show is by far my best DIY work!

Since I had holidays on my mind, I thought it would be super fun to inject the colour of rainbow on some ordinary dishware using the a variety of Permanent Markers. The results were amazing!!

These colorful, customized holiday inspired plates and mugs will be the best gift for family and friends!

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DIY :: Glitter Tape Tic Tac Toe Glass Gift Set

seal-it glitter tape DIY tic tac toe shot glass game

I’m always looking for unique gift ideas for the hostess. In my opinion, nothing speaks more unique than a handmade gift! And if the gift can also provide hours of fun at a party, well, I’d say that’s pretty awesome!

Seal-It challenged me to think of fabulous ways to use their revolutionary Glitter Tape for holiday gifts this season. Revolutionary, you ask?! Not lie other glitter tapes, Seal-It’s glitter does not flake off and can easily be torn by hand with no scissors which makes them the ideal companion for any holiday crafting or gifting project.

The little light bulb in my head lit up when I thought of creating this super cute Tic Tac Toe game gift set!

Read further to learn how to make this in time for the holidays!

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DIY :: Indoor Potted Flower Centerpiece

Scotts Potted Flowers 2

I’ve been having so much fun this Summer season with my growing adventures! I’ve been making strides with some of the projects I set forth at the beginning of my Scotts® Gro Crew journey, and guess what, I’ve not yet to kill any or my plants!

Last month, I shared my tips on how to create a lush potted herb garden and to go one extra step, how to freeze and preserve them. I’ve been adding my herbs to so many great recipes since.

As for this month, my goal was to beautify the interior of my home, and thought it would only be appropriate to tackle an indoor project with the help of a premium Scotts® Miracle-Gro product. I debated between a few ideas such as an indoor terrarium or a simple potted succulent, but I wanted to go an extra step and add some extra colour with this indoor potted flower centerpiece.

Find out how to you create your own potted flower centerpiece, they can be a great wedding centerpiece alternative (it cost less than $25)!

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DIY :: BBQ Backyard (Pool) Party Hostess Gift Box

Dixie Mall BBQ Themed Backyard Party Gift Box 3

The best part about summer is by far getting together with friends and spending some quality time over great food and bevvies while soaking in some sun. I love throwing outdoor BBQ parties but I honestly love attending them more!

I know just about how much work and preparation goes into hosting an impressive BBQ (Pool) Party, and often times as the host, you are so busy worrying about your guests having a good time, that you often miss your own party! To say thanks, I like to surprise the host/hostess with fun gifts for their hospitality, that’s the least we can do as guests, right?!

I partnered with DIXIE Outlet Mall to show you how inexpensive and simple it is to curate the ultimate BBQ Backyard (Pool) Party Hostess Gift Box!

I guarantee that the hostess will be so grateful and you will be the best guest on the guest list!

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DIY [Video] :: Doughnut and Mimosa Bar

DIY Doughtnut and Mimosa Bar

This video tutorial originally appeared on

The weekend is just around the corner and I often look forward to entertaining friends and family. If throwing an extravagant dinner party doesn’t interest you much but playing the “Haute Hostess” is, I guarantee you’ll love this simple entertaining inspiration that requires little work from you but offers huge impact for your guests.

Get ready to round up the #squad for brunch at your place because I teamed up with Mode to reveal my secrets for creating a fun (and seriously delicious) DIY buffet station where guests can decorate doughnuts and make mimosas just the way they like them!

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DIY [Video] :: Mini Flower Arrangements

DIY Flower Arrangement 1

This video tutorial originally appeared on

When it comes to home decorating, adding flower arrangements is the simplest way to spruce up any living space. For special occasions and holidays, I typically order flower arrangements from my florist. However, as beautiful as they are, they can become a costly expense. With Spring upon us, I’ve got shades of bright and pastel pink florals on my mind.

Recently, I collaborated with Mode to film a step by step tutorial video to show you just how easy it is to create a stunning, inexpensive flower arrangement using blooms from your local grocery store or farmer’s market—all you need is a few simple tips and tricks.

Watch the G.I.Y (Glam It Yourself) Video to learn how to create your own DIY Mini Flower Arrangement!

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DIY :: Mini Succulent Planters

DIY Mini Succulent Planter

Sadly, I don’t have much luck when it comes to keeping plants alive at home but I do love the idea of adding greenery to my space. Therefore, choosing a super low maintenance option works best for me. Friends also suggest for me to add a few fake plants instead, but honestly, nothing can beat the real deal, amiright?

Succulents have always been a favourite. Not only are they super adorable, but they’re also easy to plant and maintain! Which makes the perfect green companion in my house!

I’ve teamed up with Artemano to show you just how easy it is to transform a simple candle holder into a DIY mini succulent planter! And read further to find out how to attend a complimentary DIY Succulent Event I’m hosting next week! Read the full article →

DIY :: Valentine’s Naked Cake

Vday | ARTIESE x My Little Secrets

I adore naked cakes. I love the simplicity and elegance it offers and each and everyone has its own character, they’re perfectly imperfect. My sister and cousin gifted a naked cake to Kyle and I as our wedding cake and I absolutely loved it (see more wedding photos here). I’ve been meaning to recreate one as a side project, but the truth is, I’m no baker. I can’t seem to follow baking instructions correctly and much of my baking attempts typically turn into a disaster.

It was the perfect timing when Therese from ARTIESE Fine Art Photography approached me to collaborate on a creative shoot with her. I thought I’d take this opportunity to help those of you who suffer from the same baking issue as me. Don’t fret, I’ve got just the perfect DIY for you, to transform a store bought iced cake, into a beautiful, personalized, naked cake.

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