Home Décor: Tips on Staying Cozy and Warm during the Winter Season


If you ask any of my colleagues, family or friends, I’m always the one that’s cold at the office or at home. Regardless of time of year, I’m convinced that I’ve physically been wired to be a few degrees cooler than everyone else! At the office, you will often find a huge scarf draped over my shoulders, and at home, I’m always the one snuggled up with a giant faux fur throw.

The winter weather has really made its way to us, and I’m pretty sure that we won’t be experiencing a mild one in comparison to last year. Staying warm and toasty doesn’t mean you’ve got to crank up the heat (my husband will thank me for that!) or put your long johns on for bedtime stories!

I’ve partnered with Sunbeam to share a few tips on staying cozy at home this winter and a chance for one of you to win a heated throw valued at $100!

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Home Decor :: Swoon-Worthy Christmas Holiday Bedding


Count down is on guys! Just a couple of weeks away from Christmas and I finally managed to start on my shopping list and the house is beginning to feel and look a bit more festive! Living in a townhouse with limited storage, I’m always reluctant to buy more seasonable decor. But during my visit to Bed Bath & Beyond over the weekend, I just couldn’t refrain from picking up a few of my favourite things!

I don’t typically decorate our bedroom with holiday trimmings but I was smitten by all the Cozy Shop mix and match options and ended up bringing home a few items that I am convinced we will be using throughout the winter season.

Keep reading to see the holiday goodies I brought home from Bed Bath & Beyond!


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Home :: Tips to Help You Battle Your Next Cleaning

Pine-sol cleaning tips

Since coming back from Iceland last week (and stay tuned for my FULL post on my trip coming up soon!) my house has been a complete disaster! The guestroom is piled up with laundry, the bedroom is covered in dust, the bathtub is full of soap scum and the kitchen? Don’t get me started! Dirty dishes in the sink, clean dishes trapped in the dishwasher and the list goes on. I’m sure, like me, you’ve experienced the overwhelming amount of cleaning you need to tackle just as the weekend approaches.

Believe it or not, as much as I find the act of cleaning relaxing, there was just so much to handle this past weekend. Luckily, like most of you, I find short cuts and products that I love to help me do the dirty (pun intended) job.

Read more to see my top tips to help you fight your next cleaning battle!

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Home Décor :: Inviting Fall Tablescape with One of a Kind Online Shop


With the cooler season upon us, I’ve been less tempted to dine out (thanks to the close of summer patio season!) and have finally decided to dust off my apron. I’ve been researching a number of fall themed recipes and cannot wait to host our friends for long overdue dinner parties.

While serving up delicious food and drink is the number one priority when it comes to being a hostess, I’m equally serious about setting the perfect, swoon-worthy tablescape.

This season, I’ve partnered up with the One of a Kind Online Shop to share my Fall Favourites from Ontario’s very own artisan community to help you get a head start on setting up an inviting yet impressive tablescape.

Read further to see my selection of #LocalLoveAffair and chance to win $100 gift card from the One of a Kind Online Shop!

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Home :: Fall Transition with Dyson Pure Hot + Cold Link


This summer, we experienced record high temperatures which led to turning on the air conditioner non-stop! I’m glad that the cooler (more comfortable) temperatures finally arrived as much as I love the heat but I am also looking forward to giving our electricity bill a break and opening up the windows to let some fresh air in. However, living in a 3-story townhouse can be quite tricky when it comes to regulating the indoor temperatures, heat tends to rise, causing our bedroom floor to get pretty warm at night even when the windows are open. And when you couple that with a husband that prefers to be 10 degrees cooler than me at all times… well “tricky” would be an understatement.

I’m so glad that for this transitional period (before cranking the central heat), Dyson has come to our rescue with the Dyson Pure Hot + Cold Link. This high-end nifty device, will both COOL and WARM your home but the MAJOR added bonus is that it is also a automated air purifier.

Read more to learn about the Dyson Pure Hot + Cold Link and why it’s the best fan, heater, and purifier, all year round.

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Home Decor :: 5 Design Tips for Your Next Kitchen Renovation

White and Grey Kitchen Renovation

I’ve been meaning to share my kitchen renovation experience with you for quite some time now! Those of you who follow along on Instagram have seen a few teaser photos, and thank you for all the generous comments! Renovating a kitchen can be an extremely daunting, and it is true when people tell you that you WILL likely go over budget and you WILL likely exceed your original timelines. The best way to handle potential stress is to anticipate and be open to these changes.

I was thrilled when The Comfortable House invited me to to share a glimpse of our new, beloved space.

Read further for five worthwhile tips to get you started on your future kitchen projects!

Shop similar items

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DIY :: Indoor Potted Flower Centerpiece

Scotts Potted Flowers 2

I’ve been having so much fun this Summer season with my growing adventures! I’ve been making strides with some of the projects I set forth at the beginning of my Scotts® Gro Crew journey, and guess what, I’ve not yet to kill any or my plants!

Last month, I shared my tips on how to create a lush potted herb garden and to go one extra step, how to freeze and preserve them. I’ve been adding my herbs to so many great recipes since.

As for this month, my goal was to beautify the interior of my home, and thought it would only be appropriate to tackle an indoor project with the help of a premium Scotts® Miracle-Gro product. I debated between a few ideas such as an indoor terrarium or a simple potted succulent, but I wanted to go an extra step and add some extra colour with this indoor potted flower centerpiece.

Find out how to you create your own potted flower centerpiece, they can be a great wedding centerpiece alternative (it cost less than $25)!

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Lifestyle :: Spring & Summer Gardening Plans

Scotts Miracle Gro 1

The month of May is the perfect time to get the gardening gloves out. I’ve never been much of a gardening expert and actually have struggled to keep my plants alive! With limited gardening knowledge and a small outdoor area, it’s always been a challenge incorporating gardening projects into our busy schedules.

Last Summer, I did manage to attempt a small gardening project and grew our own planter box herb garden on the third floor terrace of our townhouse and surprisingly, it did survive a couple of months! I loved having fresh herbs on hand, where I was able to combine them in our favourite food and drink recipes.

This year, I’ve got some lofty growing plans to not only improve the herb garden, but also beautify our terrace, entrance way, and indoor space with fresh potted and planted flowers. Though I’m slightly intimidated by these projects, I’m super thrilled that I’ve been asked to join the 2016 Scotts Gro Crew, where I’ll have direct access to gardening experts, advice and premium Scotts® Miracle-Gro products, such as Miracle-Gro Flower Magic and Miracle-Gro Moisture Control Potting Mix to assist me through my #IGrewIt Journey! I hope you’ll follow along as I’ll be sharing what I learn with you over the next few months!

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Home Decor :: Spring Updates with OOAK

OOAK Ticket Sale - Products 3

Spring is finally here and I’ve been adding all sorts of fun Spring vibes to the house. With the Spring One of a Kind Show approaching this week (March 23-27, Enercare Centre (formerly Direct Energy Centre) Exhibition Place), it’s the best time to swing by and snatch up some fantastic unique home decor and gift items. I had the privilege to get my hands on a few items prior to the show and style them in my home office. Many of these handmade items are multi-functional, making it extremely easy to move around the house from season to season.

I’d love to invite you to join me at the OOAK Show Main Stage on Easter Sunday, March 27 at 1 p.m. as I’ll be sharing unique ways to incorporate over 30 one-of-a-kind items into your living space just in time for Spring! And just for you, use this OOAK online discount code MYLITTLESECRETS for $10 regular admission tickets.

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Home Decor :: Artemano Living Room Makeover

Living Room Makeover with Artemano

Today’s post is one of my favourites as I’ve been hoping to update our living room since we moved in about two years ago. Artemano invited me to partake in a room makeover, and this was the perfect opportunity for our living room to get a facelift! Investing in a few key pieces of furniture and some fine details can honestly come a long way! You just need to stick to your vision and make sure you bring in pieces that solve your room’s challenges!

Read further to see how I turned our boring, cluttered and dark living room into a beautiful, cozy, airy daydream!

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