DIY :: Celebrating My Sister with DIY Photo Gift Wrap

BLACKS Mothers Day 1 - 700px

For Mother’s Day this year, I want to celebrate and pay special tribute to my older sister. Rufina and I are five years apart and at a young age, I’ve always looked up to her, and observed all her life experiences. Like most siblings, we played, we talked, and we argued and fought. It is safe to say that, during my teenage, rebellion years, I didn’t see eye to eye with her.

As I grew and matured into my twenties, I had the pleasure of observing her grow from my sister to a mother. Having not yet started a family of my own, I’ve learned first-hand from her that being a mother is not easy. It requires love, care, patience, endurance, perseverance, and selflessness, all characteristics my sister has come to be an expert at since motherhood. I have so much respect for her and this Mother’s Day, I’d like to celebrate not only our mom, but especially her.

To showcase the many wonderful qualities and features my sister exudes, I decided to create something fun for her this Mother’s Day. The mother is always the one behind the camera, so this year I curated a handful of photos of her and produced this DIY photo wrapping paper using the BLACKS website.

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DIY :: Oh Dina! Flower Corsage (Crown) Kit

Oh Dina DIY Flower Crown or Corsage Kit

Flower crowns are great for upcoming music festivals, proms, bohemian inspired weddings and much more. I’m thrilled to share with you this charming DIY Flower Crown Kit by Oh Dina! As much as I adore a fresh flower crown, these kits ($30) equipped with silk leaves, greenery and paper mulberry flowers are perfect as they will keep forever! These kits are also make a fabulous gift or party favors.

I decided to put a spin to my kit, and created a DIY Flower Corsage instead (you can also read up on my recent DIY fresh flower crown tutorial). For those of you who may be too shy to wear a flower crown, a corsage is a delightful alternative. Each kit makes two full corsages.

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DIY :: Spring Terrarium

DIY Terrarium

Happy Monday friends! The weather over the weekend was fabulous and had me inspired to deconstruct this cute little DIY Spring terrarium I made late last week at an event with Crown Flora. I’m a huge fan of air plants, they are super low maintenance and such a perfect way to add life to the home without too much work. Much of the decorative materials I used can be purchased from a craft shop (heck, check the dollar store, lots of goodies there!), with the exception of the terrarium glass dome and air plant. You’ll likely have to visit a floral/garden supplies shop for these speciality items. But free free to plant your air plant terrarium using other types of vases, there are so many options out there!

Keep read to learn how to make this super simple DIY Spring Terrarium!

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DIY :: Spring Floral Crown


To celebrate Spring and the new Joe Fresh Spring collection, I hosted an incredibly fun in-store event this past Saturday at the Joe Fresh Toronto Flagship store (Queen & Portland). I had such a great time creating DIY floral crowns and chit chatting with shoppers, it was a colorful and Spring-like Saturday! Thank you for all of you who made it out and spending some time with us!

For those of you who weren’t able to join us at the Toronto location, have no fear! I’ve got you covered with this simple step by step DIY floral crown tutorial. With some practice, I promise it’ll only take you no more than 10 mins per crown!

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You’re Invited :: Joe Fresh DIY Floral Crown Event

Joe Fresh DIY Floral Crown Event

Spring is definitely not in sight just yet, BUT I’d love to bring Spring to you by INVITING you to join Joe Fresh and I at the Queen and Portland this coming Saturday, Feb 28 from 2-4 p.m.! We’ll be celebrating Spring early alongside with the new Joe Fresh Spring Collection, full of soft silks (I’m wearing this one) and floral prints. From 2-4 p.m., I’ll be demonstrating DIY Floral Crowns and maybe, just maybe, some lucky shoppers will get the chance to bring one home.

Thank you Joe Fresh and Patchouli for sending this floral crown #FreshDelivery to me this week, it’s inspired me plenty just in time for this Saturday’s DIY event!

Be sure to join us! There will not only be floral crown DIYs but in-store surprises!

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DIY :: Dry Erase Acrylic Photo Cards & Valentine’s Day Mugs

DIY Valentines Day Project with Blacks

With Valentine’s Day just two days away, I decided to get crafty and surprise the mister with a couple of sweet and thoughtful DIY projects with my friends at BLACKS. Bonus, they only require a couple of markers and your favourite photos!

I’m also so thrilled to be added to the BLACKS Bloggers Team this year. I’m working alongside with such a fabulous group of creative bloggers! Make sure to visit the BLACKS Inspiration Page to get plenty of ideas on photography tips, DIY projects, and more!

Be sure to visit my DIY post to see full tutorial on how to create these awesome Valentine’s DIYs!
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DIY :: Valentine’s Matching Sweats

DIY Joe Fresh Valentine's Day Sweats 1

Hello! Valentine’s Day is just around the corner and I’m a big fan of getting crafty during this time of the year. Inspired by a few cheeky sweatshirts I saw over the last couple of weeks, I decided to flex my DIY muscles and create a matching DIY Valentine’s Sweats Set of my own. Whether you’re in the mood to create a matching set for yourself or a pair of matching sweatshirts for you and your loved ones (or these would be so cute on a little one!), I guarantee, these are not only fun but super comfortable.

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DIY :: Reusable Table Setting Placemats

DIY Laminated Reusable Table Setting Placemats

Hooray! Just a couple of days to go until Christmas! Though it is the most exciting time of the year, it can get fairly hectic, don’t you agree? I’ve got a great DIY to help you simplify your table setting and easy clean up too!

This year, Kyle and I are hosting an intimate dinner at our house on Christmas Day. When the two of us eat at home, we are super casual and rarely properly set the table, therefore I am so thrilled that I finally get the chance to ‘formally’ set the dining table. Instead of running out to to purchase a set of matching placemats, coasters, and name cards, I decided to design a fun faux table setting placemat accompanied with matching coasters and place cards.

Guess what? I also laminated these DIY table setting placemats so that they can be personalized and reused for my next dinner parties to come!

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DIY :: Jewelry Trays (FIMO)

DIY Jewelry Trays FIMO Clay

Greetings! I came across these DIY Jewelry Trays on Gaby’s Instagram feed a few weeks ago and absolutely HAD to take (virtual) lessons from her and made a few of my own. Last weekend, with DIY materials in hand, my girlfriends and I had a mini DIY night-in and made an assortment of DIY jewelry trays from FIMO Clay. It was such a fun way to spend time with the besties while sipping on wine and catching up. The girls did a far better job then I did with their DIY jewelry trays, I had to borrow them to take photos.

Thanks Gaby for sharing your tutorial, these DIY jewelry trays make a great Christmas gift or favors at your next party! Keep reading for some minor variations I made.

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DIY :: Mini Holiday Paint Projects

CIL Colour Test Paint DIY Project

Earlier this week, I had BIG plans to revamp a wall in our living room and picked up a few jars of CIL Testers (on sale for $3.97 at Home Depot). My plan was (and still is) to hand paint a super awesome wall paper pattern I spotted in a Kate Spade change room. Since the pattern really don’t require a full can of paint, the small CIL Testers definitely works.

However … let’s just say the Christmas party we attended over the weekend may have set me (slightly) back from my big paint project that certainly would have required attention to detail and focus. I managed to not let my entire weekend go to waste and tackled a few mini DIY holiday paint projects that are worth mentioning!

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