DIY :: Reusable Table Setting Placemats

DIY Laminated Reusable Table Setting Placemats

Hooray! Just a couple of days to go until Christmas! Though it is the most exciting time of the year, it can get fairly hectic, don’t you agree? I’ve got a great DIY to help you simplify your table setting and easy clean up too!

This year, Kyle and I are hosting an intimate dinner at our house on Christmas Day. When the two of us eat at home, we are super casual and rarely properly set the table, therefore I am so thrilled that I finally get the chance to ‘formally’ set the dining table. Instead of running out to to purchase a set of matching placemats, coasters, and name cards, I decided to design a fun faux table setting placemat accompanied with matching coasters and place cards.

Guess what? I also laminated these DIY table setting placemats so that they can be personalized and reused for my next dinner parties to come!

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DIY :: Jewelry Trays (FIMO)

DIY Jewelry Trays FIMO Clay

Greetings! I came across these DIY Jewelry Trays on Gaby’s Instagram feed a few weeks ago and absolutely HAD to take (virtual) lessons from her and made a few of my own. Last weekend, with DIY materials in hand, my girlfriends and I had a mini DIY night-in and made an assortment of DIY jewelry trays from FIMO Clay. It was such a fun way to spend time with the besties while sipping on wine and catching up. The girls did a far better job then I did with their DIY jewelry trays, I had to borrow them to take photos.

Thanks Gaby for sharing your tutorial, these DIY jewelry trays make a great Christmas gift or favors at your next party! Keep reading for some minor variations I made.

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DIY :: Mini Holiday Paint Projects

CIL Colour Test Paint DIY Project

Earlier this week, I had BIG plans to revamp a wall in our living room and picked up a few jars of CIL Testers (on sale for $3.97 at Home Depot). My plan was (and still is) to hand paint a super awesome wall paper pattern I spotted in a Kate Spade change room. Since the pattern really don’t require a full can of paint, the small CIL Testers definitely works.

However … let’s just say the Christmas party we attended over the weekend may have set me (slightly) back from my big paint project that certainly would have required attention to detail and focus. I managed to not let my entire weekend go to waste and tackled a few mini DIY holiday paint projects that are worth mentioning!

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DIY :: Joe Fresh Fur Trimmed Infinity Scarf and Embellished Hat

DIY Fur infinity scarf and knit hat Joe Fresh

TGIF friends! Starting your weekend off on the right foot with this DIY fur trimmed infinity scarf and embellished knit hat project just in time for the cold weather and the holidays!

I was lucky to snatch up this matching grey knit infinity scarf ($29) and hat ($10) at Joe Fresh a couple of weeks ago and decided to add a few touches to it. Faux fur is absolutely a hot trend this season and beaded embellishments are always a great hit!

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DIY :: 4 Fun DIY Sweatshirt/Sweater Projects

DIY Sweater and Sweatshirts

I’m currently brainstorming my next few DIY projects, seeing that snow has arrived, it’s got me in the mood for cozy sweatshirts and sweaters. I added my first DIY sweater project for this season recently, thank you so much for all the comments! If there is a DIY fashion project you’d like me to try out, please leave me a comment below, I’d love some brainstorming help!

In the meantime, here is a roundup of some of my favourite DIY sweatshirt and sweater projects from my old posts, I hope they’ll inspire you to create something for the cooler season!

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DIY Workshop :: Whimsical Wreath with DeLight Floral Design

DIY Wreath Workshop Cover

I’m beyond excited to host this DIY Wreath Making Workshop with DeLight Floral + Design! Sarah recently renovated her home studio (see photos below!) and we are collaborating to host our very first DIY Workshop in Toronto!

If you’re looking for a great way to spend your Saturday, meeting new friends, and being surrounded by beautiful inspirations while learning how to make a whimsical holiday wreath, we’d love for you to join us!

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DIY :: Joe Fresh Jeweled Sweater

DIY Joe Fresh Jeweled Sweater

I have a thing for embellished clothing. In my opinion, a jeweled sweater adds instant glam to any outfit and there’s also no need for added accessories. I’ve been meaning to jazz up a simple crew neck sweater and so glad to finally share this simple yet stunning DIY jeweled sweater with you. I picked up a super basic yet necessary Joe Fresh merino crew neck sweater ($49) and went to town on it by adding an assortment of sparkly blue crystals to the collar and arrow strips down the sleeves.

I am incredibly happy with this DIY Joe Fresh embellished jeweled sweater and can not wait to work on a few more variations!

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DIY {Expert Series} :: Whimsical {Holiday} Wreath

DIY Whimsical Holiday Wreath Workshop Cover

Too early to be in the holiday spirit? Never! I’ve started to plan out my holiday decor ideas already and had the pleasure to work with Sarah from Delight Floral + Design over the past weekend. We had talked about collaborating months ago, came up with several ideas and finally decided to work on a DIY whimsical (holiday or not) wreath together. I’m also incredibly thrilled to select Delight Floral + Design as our dedicated wedding florist!

For this DIY Wreath sesh, Sarah provided an assortment of gorgeous, next to real, silk flowers, stems, and decorative items. She always has access to beautiful, hard-to-find, real/silk florals.

This DIY whimsical wreath tutorial is perfect for the upcoming holiday season but can equally be used to create a fabulous floral crown!

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DIY :: Necklace Organizer/Display {with Shop for Jayu}

DIY Necklace Jewelry Stand Organizer Display

Hello! I’m so excited to be sharing this new DIY necklace/jewelry display project with you! Its such a pet peeve of mine when my dainty necklaces get all tangled and knotted in my jewelry trays. I was determined to create a necklace organizer that would solve this annoying problem, I’m sure you’ve also encountered. Who wants to sit there and untangle necklaces when you’re in a rush to head out the door? 

I decided to create this necklace organizer with two things in mind – functional and beautiful.

How do you organize your dainty necklaces? By the way, isn’t this collection of dainty necklaces gorgeous? Thanks to Shop for Jayu for inspiring me in creating this super simple and functional DIY jewelry organizer project! Read the full article →

DIY [Experimental] :: Faux Sleeve Tie Wrap Sweater

DIY Celine inspired Faux Sleeve Tie Sweater

I am often asked how many attempts I make on my DIY projects or whether I’ve created any major DIY fails. The answer is, OF COURSE! Sometimes I think I have a great idea in my head but when I actually start my DIY creation, it turns into a disaster or a total fail. However, I generally won’t give up and I’ll attempt it a couple more times before I get it right. As you know, practice makes perfect! As a DIY-er, crafter, creator, or artist, I think it is so important to make attempts and experiment with ideas that may or may not work. Which is a nice to lead into today’s DIY sweater project!

I created this DIY sweater almost a year ago as an editorial contribution to a local fashion magazine. However, timing didn’t quite work out and in the end, it never got published and printed (it happens!). I was asked by the Fashion Editor to re-create a Celine sleeve-tied sweater that was seen on the runway last year. I was a little nervous about creating a version of my own that would be well-received by the every-day consumer since the Celine version was very ‘couture’ but I wanted to experiment anyway!

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