DIY :: Jeweled Ribbon Bracelet {Wander and Hunt}

Wander and Hunt DIY Bracelet Tutorial a pair and a spare DIY kits

Hello! It’s been a little while since I posted a DIY tutorial, life got busy all of a sudden :) Today, I want to introduce you to Wander and Hunt. They are the ultimate destination for on trend, stylish DIY supplies. Not only do they provide an array of gorgeous rhinestones and starter kits, they’ve also teamed up with a number of talented DIY bloggers/fashionistas and created several DIY, ready-to-make kits inspired by them. Guess what? … I’ll be added to this list very soon, so stay tuned!

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DIY Inspiration :: Decorative Easter Eggs

DIY Decorative Easter Eggs

It’s too bad I don’t have enough time this week to work on my own set of DIY Easter Eggs this year! I had about a gagillion ideas I wanted to put to use, but I guess I’ll have to set them aside again for next! I wanted to share some DIY decorative Easter egg inspiration with you from the party makers of Evite.

Decorating Easter eggs don’t have to only be a treat for the kiddies. Inviting a set of your girlfriend or fellow mommies over for a day of decorating before the Easter feast can be a great way to spend the holiday weekend.

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Home Decor :: Guest Room Re-modelling Essentials

Guest Room Remodel

Happy Monday! The sun is shining warm and bright today but it’s too bad I’m still battling with my cold! I had big plans to finish up my Guest Room Re-modelling project over the weekend, but it just didn’t happen. Our Guest Room is pretty much the only room left in the house to do any type of drastic make over (though I’m going to continuously update the decor in my house, it’s importantly to keep up to date!).

My vision for the Guest Room was to create an inviting nautical ambiance, think – soft blue hues and anchor/sea side accented decorations. The inspiration came from the set of 6 nautical themed prints (mine are in black outline) I acquired from this shop from Etsy. I then pretty much evolved all the other components around these 6 prints. I decided to pick a cottage style, plaid bedding set accented with powder blue cushions and a throw for the Spring/Summer season. In the Fall/Winter, the plaid bedding set will transform nicely with a fur or knit throw and even reds for the holiday season. A plaid print is extremely versatile.

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DIY :: Cork Conversation Bubble Coasters

DIY Cork Coasters - Cover

Happy Monday! Last week was full of craziness with deadlines running up my sleeve (working on a super fun project with Wedding Bells Magazine) and Toronto Fashion Week. Though it was a busy one, I had a ton of fun, but unfortunately now been hit with a cold!

Anyhoo! Greeting you today with this super easy and fun project – DIY Conversation Bubble Coasters! I first seen something similar across the web but haven’t been able to find a place to purchase them – so naturally the next alternative is to make my own set! Keep reading for full step by step photos and instructions.

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DIY :: Black & White Wordphrase Art

DIY Black and White Word Phrase Art Cover

Greetings! Another DIY art project to share with you today! I purchased a couple of smaller gallery canvases when I went hunting for a large one during my last DIY painting. I’ve been thinking about what to do with it until I saw this amazing piece ($4,000 which is now sold out) of artwork by Kal Barteski, her work is truly amazing!

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DIY :: Marble {slab} Vanity Tray

DIY Marble Vanity Tray - Cover1

ello! Today, I’m sharing a super easy and chic home decor DIY project with you. I first saw this DIY marble (slab) vanity tray project a month ago on Style at Home and totally wanted to make one myself. Lo and behold when I was randomly browsing in the home section of Winners a few weeks ago, I came across this pastry marble slab and it completely jogged my memory!

It took me a whole 10 minutes (mainly because I was waiting for the glue to dry), and I’m a little bit obsessed with the final product.

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DIY {Expert Series} :: Floral Arrangement

DIY floral arrangement cover

I had the pleasure to visit Becky at her floral design studio, Blush & Bloom last weekend. I asked Becky (being the floral expert that she is) whether she could show me (and you) how to arrange a gorgeous floral arrangement. I had so much fun at her by appointment only studio and learned plenty about flowers and how she creates such gorgeous pieces. Did I mention, her studio is so fabulous (I’ll share more photos of her studio soon) and I was also thrilled she surprised me with a Valentine’s colour palette.

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Valentine’s DIY :: Heart Shaped Sugar Cubes

DIY heart shape sugar cubes 700px

There are just countless Valentine’s Day projects out there that are tremendously cute and simple to try. I decided to kick off Valentine’s Day this year with this simple DIY project – heart shaped sugar cubes, which I had the pleasure to contribute to SheKnows Canada.

I’ve always wanted to make my own sugar cubes and after doing so research, I decided to sweeten up my cup of tea with these super cute, easy, and adorable sugar cubes. You can essentially create any shape and color you want by changing up the mold.

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Valentine’s :: DIY Project Ideas

DIY Valentine's Heart Projects Round Up 700px

To get you geared up and ready for Valentine’s Day, here is a short and sweet round up of my past Valentine’s Heart themed DIY projects. Whether you decide to try one in time for February 14 or save it for another occasion, these Heart themed DIY projects were some of my most popular projects (The DIY Heart Print Denim is my personal favourite).

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