Lifestyle :: Yoga Life {Yoga Tree + Titika Giveaway}

titika yoga tree giveaway

I hope you had a great and eventful weekend! I extended my Canadian Thanksgiving holiday last Monday to a week-long staycation. I really needed to get organized, complete a few more wedding planning details, and get started on my ‘getting fit’ plan. I’m so proud to say that I reconnected with my love for yoga this past week, making it to Yoga Tree‘s newest (and sickest) Toronto yoga studio at Bay and Dundas FOUR times.

I was first introduced to yoga over 5 years ago and fell in love with it. I found that yoga offered me a combination of serenity, relaxation, and a kick-ass workout. Many people that have never tried yoga before has a perception that it is not ‘challenging’ enough. Before you judge, I really do urge you to give it a try. I’ve found that it has improved my flexibility, core, muscles, and my overall endurance.

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DIY :: Necklace Organizer/Display {with Shop for Jayu}

DIY Necklace Jewelry Stand Organizer Display

Hello! I’m so excited to be sharing this new DIY necklace/jewelry display project with you! Its such a pet peeve of mine when my dainty necklaces get all tangled and knotted in my jewelry trays. I was determined to create a necklace organizer that would solve this annoying problem, I’m sure you’ve also encountered. Who wants to sit there and untangle necklaces when you’re in a rush to head out the door? 

I decided to create this necklace organizer with two things in mind – functional and beautiful.

How do you organize your dainty necklaces? By the way, isn’t this collection of dainty necklaces gorgeous? Thanks to Shop for Jayu for inspiring me in creating this super simple and functional DIY jewelry organizer project! Read the full article →

Home Decor :: The Scent of Fall {with Glade Wax Melts}

Glade Wax Melts Review Fall Home Decor

There is so much to love about Fall. I love the cozy sweaters and everything leather. I love the smell of pumpkin spiced pie while snuggling up on the couch watching movies. Most of all, I love the fiery autumnal landscapes. Fall is such a romantic season.

A must on my Fall to-do list is to update our home décor. As much as I miss the colorful florals Summer has to offer, I’m excited to refresh our furnishings with this season’s warm and earthy blooms, and, of course, cute-as-a-button mini pumpkins for the dining table. I had a fabulous time arranging this small tabletop arrangement from fresh stems I picked up from the local florist. Read the full article →

Lifestyle :: Joie de Vivre – Moments of Happiness

Prada Candy Forale

Being Thanksgiving today, I can’t help but think about all the things I’m grateful for.  I’m especially thankful for the friends and family in my life. However, I am also thankful for the fine little things that exist in life—those simple pleasures that can add a smile to my face on a rough day.

What’s your “Joie de Vivre”?

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Fashion :: A Dress Dedicated to Every Woman


A few weeks ago, I shared a few fashionable “made to order” options, from dresses, to men’s suits, to shoes and watches. I had the pleasure to try Dress Mavens first hand, an online shop that offers customized dresses with one vision in mind – to help women embrace their beautiful shapes and sizes (from plus size to petites). Dress Mavens believe that every woman should feel her absolute best by wearing pieces that actually fit their bodies, and enhance their beautiful shapes. What accentuates my body will most certainly be different from what accentuates yours!

I’m so happy that my online customized dress has arrived (after a short 3 weeks) and couldn’t be more satisfied with the quality and style of the dress.

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Food & Drink :: Cake! Just a Click Away

Shop Bake Online Bakery Canada Delivery

I am a sucker for sweets, especially when they’re both delicious and beautifully decorated. Wouldn’t it be amazing (and convenient) to send sweets to your sweetheart the same way you would order flowers to be delivered to a doorstep? Look no further, I’m super giddy about the recent launch of, a unique online market place for bakeries to sell their delicious items online and promote their sweets and treats beyond their shops.

This is such a fantastic service for party-planners, parents, and busy city people (like me!), as it gives you access to 50 of the city’s most prominent bakeries (across Canada) all in one place. You can purchase baked goods from various shops, have them delivered or the option to pick it up from the bake shop if the location is convenient!

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Beauty :: A Smart Serum for All Ages

Clinique Smart Serum Review

How much time do you spend on your daily beauty routine? I prefer one that requires the least amount of time as possible! I rarely have time to eat breakfast before heading out the door and often way too tired before bed to add extra steps in my beauty regimen. Therefore, all-in-one, multi-action products tend to be very attractive to me.

As I stepped into my 30s, I’ve also expressed more interest in ‘taking care’ of my skin—in particular, fighting early signs of aging and sun damage. I honestly wish I had taken my mom’s advice, and started paying attention to my skin much earlier.

I am thrilled about the Clinique Smart Serum. Not only does the product deliver multiple actions (killing a few birds with one stone), but it is also a serum suitable for all ages (perfect for those of you who want to start early!).

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Wedding Planning 101 :: Second Month

Wedding Planning 101 - Sept 2nd Month task list

Hello! Another month flew by which means I accomplished another month of wedding planning tasks! Hooray! I got to say, I think I’m go a pretty good track, definitely checking off a good amount off the list and even got a little bit ahead in some other areas! If you’re just starting to plan your wedding, be sure to check out my post from last month, which happened to be my first month of wedding planning. Not only are you going to find my month by month task list in this Wedding Planning 101 series, I have and will continue to share some more details around specific wedding related things I’ve been working on, what vendors I’ve came across and what I’ve been successful (and not so successful) with.

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Beauty:: BC Bonacure Hairtherapy by Schwarzkopf (GIVEAWAY!)

Schwarzkopf BC Bonacure Hairtherapy Giveaway 1

Hello! Though it certainly doesn’t feel like Fall out there (we’re enjoying some awesome summery weather), however a new season has officially arrived. With a new season, I always like to talk about beauty. At the start of Summer, I discussed sun-protection, all sorts of hair products and tools to create beachy waves without damaging your hair and make-up for a sun-kissed glow.

Now, if you weren’t all that diligent with using hair-protection products during the Summer and now you’re suffering from dull, dry, and damaged hair from dips in the pool and sun rays, no problem!
I’m treating one of you lucky people to a full line of hair repair products by Schwarzkopf – BC Bonacure Hairtherapy! Keep reading to enter this giveaway! Read the full article →

DIY [Experimental] :: Faux Sleeve Tie Wrap Sweater

DIY Celine inspired Faux Sleeve Tie Sweater

I am often asked how many attempts I make on my DIY projects or whether I’ve created any major DIY fails. The answer is, OF COURSE! Sometimes I think I have a great idea in my head but when I actually start my DIY creation, it turns into a disaster or a total fail. However, I generally won’t give up and I’ll attempt it a couple more times before I get it right. As you know, practice makes perfect! As a DIY-er, crafter, creator, or artist, I think it is so important to make attempts and experiment with ideas that may or may not work. Which is a nice to lead into today’s DIY sweater project!

I created this DIY sweater almost a year ago as an editorial contribution to a local fashion magazine. However, timing didn’t quite work out and in the end, it never got published and printed (it happens!). I was asked by the Fashion Editor to re-create a Celine sleeve-tied sweater that was seen on the runway last year. I was a little nervous about creating a version of my own that would be well-received by the every-day consumer since the Celine version was very ‘couture’ but I wanted to experiment anyway!

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