DIY :: BBQ Backyard (Pool) Party Hostess Gift Box

Dixie Mall BBQ Themed Backyard Party Gift Box 3

The best part about summer is by far getting together with friends and spending some quality time over great food and bevvies while soaking in some sun. I love throwing outdoor BBQ parties but I honestly love attending them more!

I know just about how much work and preparation goes into hosting an impressive BBQ (Pool) Party, and often times as the host, you are so busy worrying about your guests having a good time, that you often miss your own party! To say thanks, I like to surprise the host/hostess with fun gifts for their hospitality, that’s the least we can do as guests, right?!

I partnered with DIXIE Outlet Mall to show you how inexpensive and simple it is to curate the ultimate BBQ Backyard (Pool) Party Hostess Gift Box!

I guarantee that the hostess will be so grateful and you will be the best guest on the guest list!

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Outfit :: Floral & Cage

Floral Dress Cage Sandals

For someone that’s worked in the financial and insurance industry for the last decade, I’m likely considered as someone that pushes the limits when it comes to dressing for the office compared to some of my colleagues. My love for fashion has always encouraged me to pull out my ripped jeans, leather vest, or sneakers for the office, even if I’m interviewing candidates or seeing clients! I know that I’m lucky to work for a company that likes to have a bit of fun and doesn’t correlate office wardrobe to professionalism.

For those of you who grew up in casual and flexible working environments like me, you’ve got nothing to worry about in terms of adhering to a strict dress code. But did you know for some of my peers in the same industry, they’ve mentioned that open toe shoes and even sandals are strictly prohibited in the office space accordingly to their companies’ dress code policy (like, OMG!). Here is a recent outfit I wore to the office and yes it consists of my recent favourite Caged Sandals gifted from my friends at SHOEme.

SHOEme and I wanted to show you some fun ways to break conventional rules, including sporting sandals to work!

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Food & Drink :: Homemade Chocolate Chip Coffee Ice Cream

Nespresso Home made coffee ice cream 4

One of the best things about Summer is the freedom to enjoy ice cream with absolutely no need for a reason or excuse! As much as I love to explore the different trendy ice-cream shops that have popped up all over Toronto, I am not a huge fan of lining up for hours just to get my hands on one! Therefore, we love ending a Summer evening with a bowl of ice-cream at home.

Not sure if any of you have the same problem in your household, but each time we buy a carton, we tend to get bored of the flavour mid way through each tub ends up being half full and then eventually thrown out when they’re finally covered with freezer burn. I recently (brilliantly) figured out a simple ice cream hack to make any ice cream flavour at home without an ice cream maker or fancy ingredients!

Inspired by my love for NESPRESSO coffee, I decided to create this simple “homemade” chocolate chip coffee ice cream from a tub of store-bought vanilla ice cream!

Shop my these cute ice cream bowls!

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Outfit :: Neutral and Dots

Shop Tobi Backless Nude Dress and Shoeme Native sneakers

When it comes to dressing on the weekends, I prefer to go casual. Aside from the occasional date night or big night out with the ladies, I tend to wear flats or sneakers to give my feet a break from all the high heels during the week. There are so many fun sneaker options out there and news flash, they’re certainly not only made for sports and running. I was so thrilled when my dear friends at SHOEme invited me to partake in the “MadetoBeBroken” challenge. We can have a little fun and break some rules when it comes to fashion, right?

I paired these Native Polka Dot sneakers with a nude backless slip dress and my newly acquired BFF – Louis, for an unexpected look. Many of you likely won’t dare to pair casual sneakers with a dress, but this outfit presents an effortlessly chic appeal which I absolutely adore. Thoughts?!

I’m working on styling a few more looks for this campaign, are there any rules you’d like to see me break?! (Sock & Sandals?!)

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Beauty :: The Amazing Benefit Brow Collection

Benefit Brow Collection

When it comes to makeup, there is one thing I will absolutely not leave the house without. And that is drawing in my eye brows! Now, I do have hair on my brows, but just like many of you, I find that the hairs are too light, grow unevenly, and the left and right side are off balanced. Shaping and tweezing is definitely important, but drawing them in makes the added (and huge) difference! Over the years, I’ve tested out plenty of brow products and in the most recent year, I’ve switched to a pretty basic routine. I used an eyebrow brush and an eyebrow palette. The issue with this lazy routine is that half my brows go missing midday. The pigments often slip off throughout the day due to sweat and oil and the palette I used was just not up to par.

Luckily for me (and you), Benefit released their newest BROW COLLECTION that consists of nine amazing products that are meant to WOW!

Shop the entire collection:

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DIY :: Growing and Freezing Fresh Herbs

Scotts Herb Garden 6

When it comes to creating new recipes, throwing a quick dinner together, or even hosting an elaborate party, having herbs at home, dried or fresh, can go a long way. It can instantly transform any ordinary dish into a crowd’s favourite or even turn you into a master bartender by adding herbs into basic cocktails.

As part of the 2016 Scotts® Gro Grew, one of my missions was to create my own potted herb garden! I’m so pleased to share that with the help of a couple premium Miracle-Gro products I’ve successfully grew fresh basil, chives, rosemary, oregano (to name a few) and they’re ready to be used in my daily culinary adventures.

However, for those of you who have grown herbs before, you already know that an immense amount of herbs can be harvested in a very short period of time. I’ve come to realize that at times, I’ve got more herbs than I can use. Therefore, I went on a quest to find ways to save the large quantities of herbs on hand, and so pleased that I discovered a simple and practical way to freeze and preserve my precious herbs with olive oil, to be used at a later time.

Read more to find out how to grow and freeze your fresh herbs for future use!

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Food & Drink :: Summer Fresh Coconut Lemonade

Thirsty Buddha Coconut Lemonade Recipe

To kick off the Canada Day celebrations (and for my fellow American friends, forth of July), I prepared this simple Coconut Lemonade just in time for the BBQ parties happening over the next couple of days. Natural coconut water is a great alternative to plain H2O not only for hydration but it is said to offer other great benefits such as helping with weight-loss efforts, facilitates digestion, reduces blood pressure, and even promotes healthier skin.

I personally love the taste of coconut water, especially from a fresh coconut! But, fresh coconuts are obviously not all that convenient especially in our country, so I opt for the next best option – Thirsty Buddha’s line of Coconut Water products, they are all-natural, gluten free, with zero fat and zero cholesterol. Now, Kyle isn’t all that keen on the natural flavours coconut water offers, therefore, he was actually the inspiration behind this simple beverage recipe. Thanks babe!

Read further to see literally HOW easy it is to prepare a Summer Fresh Coconut Lemonade and chance to win a Thirsty Buddha gift pack!

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Outfit :: Flirty & Floral Details

I love tyler madison floral pants outfit

I generally opt for skirts and dresses in the Summer months, but I couldn’t resist these floral print pants. They are super fun and when paired with lightweight blouse with flirty details, it’s just the outfit to adore.

Last Sunday, I overhauled the I ♥ Tyler Madison Instagram Account and shared a few of my favourite styles. To announce our fun partnership, we created an exclusive discount code for you to enjoy 25% off your entire purchase, just use ‘nh25’ at check out.

Read full post for more discounts!

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Food & Drink :: Kiwi Key Lime Smoothie & Review of Genuine Health’s Fermented Greek yogurt proteins+

Geniun Health Fermented Greek Protein Shake 5

A few weeks ago, I shared a fun and easy protein packed Breakfast Cup recipe combining yogurt, fruits, granola and Genuine Health‘s fermented Greek yogurt proteins+ productsThis is the first time I’ve ever tried protein powders and products for an extended period of time and I felt inclined to share my overall experience with you and of course – another quick, simple, and delicious recipe as well! Inspired by my mini lime tree, I decided to try this Kiwi Key Lime Smoothie with an added touch of the Genuine Health fermented Greek yogurt proteins+ in the vanilla flavour.

Read more to see the full Kiwi Key Lime Smoothie recipe and my full review!

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Food & Drink :: Nespresso Bar at Taste of Toronto

Taste With Nespresso - Andrew Williamson Photo -3

It’s going to be a hot one in Toronto this weekend! If you’re looking for something fun to do with friends and family, the Taste of Toronto is in full effect and for you foodies out there, you’re not going to want to miss this! I was invited to join Chef Victor Barry and Master Sommelier Elyse Lambert at a private coffee & food pairing event yesterday with NESPRESSO, the official coffee sponsor of Taste of Toronto and had the opportunity to enjoy the ultimate tasting experience and launch of NESPRESSO’s newest and most intense Grand Cru of the Lungo familyEnvivo Lungo.

As a proud member of the NESPRESSO Coffee Connoisseur Club for the past several months, I’ve had the chance to taste and learn about the variety of intensities, notes, and flavours that NESPRESSO coffee has to offer. I’ve also come to share their appreciation of combining exceptional coffee with excellent food, these two elements really do go hand in hand.

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