DIY [Video] :: Doughnut and Mimosa Bar

DIY Doughtnut and Mimosa Bar

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The weekend is just around the corner and I often look forward to entertaining friends and family. If throwing an extravagant dinner party doesn’t interest you much but playing the “Haute Hostess” is, I guarantee you’ll love this simple entertaining inspiration that requires little work from you but offers huge impact for your guests.

Get ready to round up the #squad for brunch at your place because I teamed up with Mode to reveal my secrets for creating a fun (and seriously delicious) DIY buffet station where guests can decorate doughnuts and make mimosas just the way they like them!

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Outfit :: Summer White in Costa Rica

Costa Rica

These photos were snapped during our recent trip to Costa Rica, celebrating a dear couple’s destination wedding a couple of weeks ago. The weather was insanely hot but insanely good and the wedding was like a day dream taken right out of a magazine. It was the first time that all our friends spent a vacation week together, along with our spouses and kiddies, we were so blessed with great company.

When it comes to travelling to hot climate (Costa Rica is just about 8 degrees north of the equator!), I often pack along several LWDs (little white dresses) with me. The white doesn’t tend to absorb as much sun, allowing the body to stay relatively cooler. I’ve come to accumulate a fair share of white dresses, but this white baby doll number from Joe Fresh is my recent favourite (and it’s under $50!).

You travelling anywhere soon?!

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DIY [Video] :: Mini Flower Arrangements

DIY Flower Arrangement 1

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When it comes to home decorating, adding flower arrangements is the simplest way to spruce up any living space. For special occasions and holidays, I typically order flower arrangements from my florist. However, as beautiful as they are, they can become a costly expense. With Spring upon us, I’ve got shades of bright and pastel pink florals on my mind.

Recently, I collaborated with Mode to film a step by step tutorial video to show you just how easy it is to create a stunning, inexpensive flower arrangement using blooms from your local grocery store or farmer’s market—all you need is a few simple tips and tricks.

Watch the G.I.Y (Glam It Yourself) Video to learn how to create your own DIY Mini Flower Arrangement!

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Food & Drink :: Nespresso Sprinkle Affogato

Nespresso Prodigio Affagoto 4

I really enjoy having a cup of coffee or espresso after a nice meal, I find that it’s such a great substitute for dessert without adding the extra bit of calories. However, from time to time, I LOVE adding dessert into the mix because let’s face it, they’re just way too tempting! A few weeks ago, while I was brewing a cup of coffee after dinner, I ran out of milk. I improvised and created a makeshift affogato dessert by adding some vanilla ice-cream. It was so delicious! My unplanned affogato dessert was such a success that I couldn’t help but to attempt again.

This sprinkle version is a fun and modern take on the classic affogato dessert.

It was prepared with a scope of Sprinkle Party Cake ice-cream and topped with a shot of Nespresso espresso! Keep reading for the full recipe!

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DIY :: Spring Felt Flowers


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Spring is such a beautiful season. The roads will soon be tree-lined and gardens blooming with colour. What better time to decorate your favourite Joe Fresh designs with your own DIY felt flowers. They add the perfect finishing touch to a straw bag, blouse or even jeans.

Decorate your favourite Joe Fresh designs with pretty floral embellishments.

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Food & Drink :: Frozen Fruity Yogurt Bites

iogo large pouch yogourt bites 1

When it comes to food, I prefer variety. There really isn’t too many food items that I would consider eating on a daily basis, but I can say that yogurt seems to make the list. Whether it’s preparing breakfast parfaits, fruit milk shakes, or a photo-worthy smoothie bowl, I love combining my favourite yogurts into these recipes. With the warmer season fast-approaching (one would hope!). I wanted to create a frozen yogurt treat that was not only healthy but tasty while satisfying my sweet tooth.

I was recently introduced to the new IÖGO pouches large format and I’m so impressed with it. These large pouches are perfect for me because I go through so much yogurt on a weekly basis. The pouches are extremely practical and prevents any mess and spills.

I promise you, these frozen fruity yogurt bites will take you less than 10 minutes to prepare and ready to enjoy once they’ve had some time to cool off in the freezer.

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Outfit :: Flared Denim and Lace Ups


Exploring the city is one of my favourite weekend past times. I love discovering new pastry shops and boutiques, it’s one of the perks of living just steps away from the Downtown Toronto. I was lucky enough to sport this Spring outfit just before snow hit the ground, can you believe winter decided to pay us a late visit?

I’m pretty excited that the 70’s trend is back and totally smitten by these cropped, frayed AND flared denim that I snatched up. Paired alongside with these lace-up sandals from Le Chateau (under $70!), can I say I’m totally ready to make an appearance of an episode of The Vinyl! A special thanks to Aney and Vicki for snapping photos of me as if I had a personal paparazzi! Thanks ladies!

I also want to thank each one of you who took the time to read my last post. It took me nearly a decade to build up the courage to share my experience with Alopecia. I’m so grateful for all your comments on Instagram and hope that my story can heal some of you who are personally going through this or have a loved one that requires some emotional support.

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Beauty :: My Journey of Losing My Hair to Alopecia

Aveda Canada Colour

I want to share a very personal story today. It’s not one that I’ve talked about openly. And though many close friends and family know that I’ve battled with episodes of Alopecia Areata (spot baldness) for almost a decade, I’m still quite emotionally sensitive to it. However, since the last onset of my condition, I’ve learned to cope with it and found a personal way to recover from it.

I have Alopecia Areata, there is no preventative measure, no treatment, and no prediction of when it may occur, and when it may decide to stop.

I feel inclined to share my journey (and a very special thanks to Aveda Canada for encouraging me to do so and pampering me with my first hair treatment since). For those of you who suffer from alopecia, it’s important to know that though there is no cure, there are steps you can take to recover, emotionally. Like all other diseases, treating from inside out, is the best remedy!

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Lifestyle :: My Top 5 Spring Cleaning Hacks

Spring Cleaning Clorox 1

It’s always been an annual tradition of mine to tackle a major deep clean session at home around Spring time. In my opinion, there is something extremely rewarding about tackling those hard to remove stains, perfectly bleached white towels, or getting rid of all the soap scum on bathroom tiles. The smell of a spotless home is almost just as good as heading out for a nature walk. Some people find cleaning cumbersome, and trust me, when it comes to a busy week the last thing on my mind is pulling out my cleaning supplies. However, I do find cleaning somewhat therapeutic and actually do quite enjoy the act of cleaning once I’m in the right mindset (I know crazy, right?).

As the first weekend of April is just approaching, I thought I’d share my top 5 Spring cleaning hacks!

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Food & Drink :: Easter Meringue Nests {$100 Giveaway}

Easter Meringue Nests 7

It’s Easter and that means I’ve got plenty of mini eggs stashed around the house. Instead of stuffing my face with them, these little pastel goodies inspired me to incorporate them in an Easter themed dessert that is sure to impress.

Whether you’re hosting a simple brunch of elaborate dinner this Easter Sunday, greet your family and friends with these extremely simple Easter Meringue Nests! I used some fabulous new PC products from the latest PC Insiders Collection to give me a hand which required no baking/cooking and only a few minutes to prep and assemble. I also used yogurt as the filling for a healthier alternative (bonus!).

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