Beauty :: Review of Tartiest Clay Paint Liner

Tarte Cosmetics Review Tartiest Clay Paint Liner

I’m a no fuss kind of gal when it comes to makeup. Working in a somewhat conservative industry (my day job), I like to keep my makeup simple and professional. My daily makeup routine typically includes a light bb cream, bronzer, blush and some light eyeshadow. Now on any given day if I’m too pressed for time, I’m willing to forego any one of those products, but ONE thing I absolutely will not leave the house without is eyeliner!

It shouldn’t strike you as a surprise that I have almond shaped eyes (most of us Asians do!). On top of that, I also uneven eyelid creases between my left and right eye which gives the illusion that one eye is always bigger than the other. Black eyeliner has always been a good friend, to help me even out the creases – I apply almost double amount of eyeliner on my left side.

I’ve tried my share of eyeliners, but must say that I’m totally obsessed with tarte Cosmetics‘ newest addition to the family – tartiest Clay Paint Liner.

The tartiest Clay Paint Liner is the first ever squeezable cream liner with a unique blending tip, read further to see why I love this new product!

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Lifestyle :: You are What you Eat

Loblaws Dietician Visit

As part of our New Year’s Resolution (I know the New Year seemed so long ago!), Kyle and I made a pact to eat healthier and also to introduce organic foods (without truly understanding the benefits) into our diet. After all, you know what they say? You ARE what you EAT! With little time to do a bunch of research, we decided to flip on Netflix and watched a ton of food documentaries – many of which had us convinced that we were to go 100% organic, immediately! I reached out to my dear friends at Loblaws and asked them for some advice on choosing organic foods at the store.

Lucky for me, Loblaws introduced me to their complementary Dietitian In-Store services which I was totally unaware of.

I jumped right on it and set up a visit with Nema McGlynn, the in-store dietitian at the Loblaws at Maple Leaf Gardens in Toronto.

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DIY :: Wedding Invitation Envelope Liners

DIY Wedding Invitation Envelop Liners

Hello! I can’t believe how quickly our wedding is coming up! With just 3 months away, it means major crunch time! A very important task for us to tackle this month is sending out our Wedding Invitations!!! There are so many beautiful and inexpensive options out there but we opted for a custom design. I met Sarah of Love Love Me Do months ago and had my heart set on working with her on a custom design (oddly enough, Sarah is getting married on the same day as us!).

Our invites have been in the works for a while and I’m super excited to finally share our final product with you! I hoped for a design that combined modern with classic as well as femininity with a touch masculinity, I truly believe we hit the mark and happy to see my vision come to life.

One special feature we tackled were decorative envelope liners. I am obsessed with them! Although it added some extra time to the assembly process, it was well worth it.

Plus, how could I have possibly gotten away with not DIYing ONE item for our wedding invitations?! Read further to learn how to create your own wedding invitation envelope liners.

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Giveaway :: $100 to ThirdLove Lingerie

ThirdLove $100 Giveaway Canada

Hope you had a wonderful weekend! It’s a short but sweet one today! I’ve teamed up with ThirdLove to celebrate their entry into Canada and we’re giving one lucky winner a $100 USD gift card to spend on their website! I introduced ThirdLove a few weeks back (read my post here) and I’ve been smitten by their bras & panties since. Their materials are lightweight yet luxurious, perfect for everyday wear or a special night out. I’m always on the hunt for comfortable wired bras that aren’t super bulky, their collection of bras do just the trick (they also come in half sizes).
I’m excited to give you a chance to win $100 to ThirdLove! Oh, did I mention? Each gift card is also gift wrapped and accompanied by a pair of lace thong undies! Good luck!

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DIY :: Spring Floral Crown


To celebrate Spring and the new Joe Fresh Spring collection, I hosted an incredibly fun in-store event this past Saturday at the Joe Fresh Toronto Flagship store (Queen & Portland). I had such a great time creating DIY floral crowns and chit chatting with shoppers, it was a colorful and Spring-like Saturday! Thank you for all of you who made it out and spending some time with us!

For those of you who weren’t able to join us at the Toronto location, have no fear! I’ve got you covered with this simple step by step DIY floral crown tutorial. With some practice, I promise it’ll only take you no more than 10 mins per crown!

A little extra treat for you all, until midnight March 9, receive 15% off your entire purchase online with code LITTLESECRETS15! The floral silk blouse is a must have! Read the full article →

Outfit :: Lace Heels #LeShoeStyle

Le Chateau Shoe Ambassador Feb Lace Heels

Earlier this month we celebrated the day of love! Valentine’s day that is. Though Kyle and I didn’t hit the town and decided to stay in to celebrate, I was still in the mood for something romantic, lacey, and sexy! For my February Le Chateau Shoe Ambassador pick, I found the perfect pair of shoes to fit the bill. These delicate lace and leather-like beauties were not only the perfect addition to my Valentine’s Day outfit but also a great add to my closet in general!

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You’re Invited :: Joe Fresh DIY Floral Crown Event

Joe Fresh DIY Floral Crown Event

Spring is definitely not in sight just yet, BUT I’d love to bring Spring to you by INVITING you to join Joe Fresh and I at the Queen and Portland this coming Saturday, Feb 28 from 2-4 p.m.! We’ll be celebrating Spring early alongside with the new Joe Fresh Spring Collection, full of soft silks (I’m wearing this one) and floral prints. From 2-4 p.m., I’ll be demonstrating DIY Floral Crowns and maybe, just maybe, some lucky shoppers will get the chance to bring one home.

Thank you Joe Fresh and Patchouli for sending this floral crown #FreshDelivery to me this week, it’s inspired me plenty just in time for this Saturday’s DIY event!

Be sure to join us! There will not only be floral crown DIYs but in-store surprises!

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Beauty :: At Home Spa Day with Moroccanoil

Moroccan Oil Spa Day Review

Between work, planning for our wedding, and keeping up with the blog, not going to lie, it’s been pretty hectic! I’m so thankful that my friends at Langton and Moroccanoil sent a fabulous care package to me for a day of relaxation. I decided to de-stress at home and enjoyed a DIY spa day in. I’ve been a big fan of Moroccanoil hair products for quite some time (read about some of top Moroccanoil hair products picks), but I’ve yet to try their body line.

What a perfect way to unwind during a brutally cold winter day and recuperate inside and out!

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Lifestyle :: Cedar Juice, 3 Day Juice Cleanse

Cedar 3 day juice cleanse Review

TGIF! Hoping to start your weekend off with some healthy motivation. In January, I wrote a post on 4 simple rules to instill a daily healthy lifestyle. One of my rules included trying something new and therefore decided to do just that, try something new! When I was first introduced to CEDAR Juice, I was intrigued with their Juice Cleanse programs but was also intimidated by the thought of not eating for three days. I have a history of indigestion and after the holidays I was also feeling very fatigued and bloated.

Let’s face it, we are exposed to all sorts pesticides, mercury, colorants, and preservatives on a day to day basis. I really felt that I needed to give my body a break. By drinking only cold pressed juice, our digestive system gets the break it deserves, along with a whole host of enzymes and nutrients it needs to recuperate. The immediate benefits of a juice cleanse is more energy, better complexion, less bloating, clearer mind, and sounder sleep. I will also tell you, though I had no intentions of losing weight, I did see some differences.

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Food & Drink :: Chinese New Year Rice Cake Pasta

Lobalws - Chinese New Year Rice Cake Pasta Recipe

Thursday marks the start of Chinese New Year! This year, we celebrate the Year of the Sheep. I grew up celebrating Chinese New Year with many traditions, but I hate to admit since I moved out of my parent’s place and coupled with the fact that Kyle is not Chinese, I don’t practice a lot of those traditions anymore. I remember visiting friends and relatives door to door, in our brand new red outfits, gifts in hand to wish them many good fortunes and in return, receiving red pockets.

As we begin to think about starting a family of our own in the not so distant future, I’d really like to introduce some of those Chinese traditions back into our home. The beauty of being a interracial relationship is that we get the privilege of learning and sharing each other’s cultures. Living in a multicultural city such as Toronto also gives us many opportunities to observe other traditions. That’s one of the reasons why I love this city so much! Read the full article →