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A little while back, I shared a very personal story about my journey of losing my hair to alopecia areata. Suffering from alopeica (hair loss), especially when it is unexpected and sudden can be extremely detrimental, both physically and emotionally. For those of you who are/have (or know friends and family) experiencing or experienced with any form of hair loss, I hope you were able to find some level of comfort or encouragement after you read my post from last April.

I am happy to report that since my last update, I’ve not experienced another episode and with the help of some amazing Aveda hair products, I’ve also managed to keep my hair and scalp nice and healthy!

A couple of weeks ago I celebrated Chinese New Year. Since moving to Canada at a young age, there are very few Chinese traditions I follow with the exception of getting a fancy, fresh hair cut before the New Year. To be honest, if you ask why, I don’t think I can definitively give you an answer. But it is believed that, if you cut your hair soon after the New Year, you’ll ‘snip’ away your luck and life, and therefore, most of us want to enter the New Year with a fresh do!

Thank you to my friends at Aveda Canada and Civello for giving me a fresh hairdo update!

Aveda Civello Review
Aveda Civello Review 1
It’s been several months since I went for a haircut and my once perfectly sun kissed ashy blonde highlights were starting to turn brassy and it was definitely time for a refresh. Vanessa, the expert colourist at Civello (Queen Street W.) was a dream and knew exactly what my hair needed and after a couple of hours, my highlights were once again beautified, with no signs of orange and brassy tones.

I contemplated about trying out a different shade, i.e. gray, but decided to stick with blonde because I know I likely won’t be able to handle the maintenance that goes along with super rad grey tips. If you’re looking for a hassle free option, I highly recommend going with a similar shade to this and leaving your roots natural if you have dark hair like me. I mean, come on, nothing beats a natural ombre!

Aveda Civello Review balayage
Aveda Civello Review balayage 1
Aveda Civello Review Products
Post colour hair care is EXTREMELY important. I can’t stress enough about finding products that are best suited for coloured hair. Two of my favourite lines from Aveda are Color Conserve and blue malva. Color Conserve has been formulated to prevent fading and keeps hair colour vibrant longer. The shampoo, conditioner, and strengthening treatment is a great system to integrate into your hair care routine if you’ve just received a treatment, whether that means a full hair dye or highlights.

The blue malva shampoo and conditioner are the secret weapon in neutralizing brassy tones for all shades. And if you are looking to try gray, blue malva is a definite must, as it is said to preserve and add silvery brightness. I’m also absolutely obsessed with the scent of these two products as it has been infused with Aveda’s own pure-fume aroma with certified organic lavender, petitgrain, eucalyptus, and other pure flower and plant essences!

Whether you’re celebrating the New Year, overcoming a recent episode of alopecia or simply looking to beautify, swing by Aveda or Civello and grab all your necessarily hair care products and needs!

If any of you have questions about alopecia areta, what I did to cope or whether or not I experimented with prescribed drugs or natural remedies, please check out my previous post or don’t hesitate to contact me!

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