Beauty :: New Look New You with Aveda

Aveda Civello Review

A little while back, I shared a very personal story about my journey of losing my hair to alopecia areata. Suffering from alopeica (hair loss), especially when it is unexpected and sudden can be extremely detrimental, both physically and emotionally. For those of you who are/have (or know friends and family) experiencing or experienced with any form of hair loss, I hope you were able to find some level of comfort or encouragement after you read my post from last April.

I am happy to report that since my last update, I’ve not experienced another episode and with the help of some amazing Aveda hair products, I’ve also managed to keep my hair and scalp nice and healthy!

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Beauty :: Winter Skincare and Beverage Pairings

Winter Skincare Shoppers Drug Mart Lise Watier 1

Do you change up your skincare routine during the harsh winter months? What about your diet? Do you consume foods that will help you nourish your skin? Well, if you’re not already doing so, think twice!

During the cold months while you’re exposing your skin to the chill air and gusty winds, your skin can experience increased dryness, redness, and dehydration. It’s so important to modify your skincare products so that they can help you battle those challenges!

In addition to stocking up your vanity with some supercharged items, it’s also a great time to add some extra wholesome and hydrating items to your diet to combat winter skin inside and out!

Read further to learn about some of my newly-added Winter Skincare and Beverage Pairings from Shoppers Drug Mart and President’s Choice!

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Beauty :: Best Holiday Beauty Gift Sets


Still looking for last minute gift ideas?! Beauty gift sets are hassle free and there are so many great options out there! I absolutely love receiving gift sets especially when it’s a brand or products I’ve not yet tried.

Beauty gift sets typically include the most popular or limited edition products for a combined lesser price which means they’re a great value and just perfect for that girlfriend that just have about anything!

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Beauty :: The Ultimate Stocking Stuffers for the Beauty Obsessed


I absolutely can’t believe that it’s less than two months until Christmas!!! Of all the holiday traditions, I am most thrilled about decorating the tree, preparing new recipes for festive feasts and unwrapping my Christmas Stocking!

As much as I enjoy unwrapping my stocking on Christmas morning which is typically filled with Toblerone bars, socks, books, and more chocolate (thanks to Kyle), I equally enjoy shopping for them! I love curating themed stockings and finding unique items that corresponds to the theme. The best part about this approach is, you are able to still personalize each and every item to suit the recipient’s preferences.

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Beauty :: Fall Favourites


It’s been some time since I did a round up of my seasonal beauty favourites! Oh boy, I’ve been trying a lot of different beauty and makeup products just in time for the start of Fall and it was so hard to select a handful to share with you!

The products I’m sharing today are primarily brand new products I’ve never tried before and I’m so glad to find so many that I’ve fallen in love with in such a short period of time! For Fall, I’m most excited and focused on creating rich and dramatic beauty looks and looking forward to leaving shimmery bronzers and shades of pink behind.

Keep reading to see my beauty and makeup hit list for Fall 2016!

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#BeautyDare :: Electric Blue Liner & Nude Lips

Nude Lip Makeup

I rarely attempt to wear electric colour makeup (with the exception of a fuchsia pink lip from time to time) because let’s face it electric blue, green, and purple remind me just too much of tacky 80’s music videos! During my trip out west with Shopper’s Drug Mart Beauty Boutique team earlier this month, I was encouraged to try my “beauty never”, the results were unexpected and I was extremely pleased!

Read further to see what my “beauty never” is and how to recreate it!

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Beauty :: The Amazing Benefit Brow Collection

Benefit Brow Collection

When it comes to makeup, there is one thing I will absolutely not leave the house without. And that is drawing in my eye brows! Now, I do have hair on my brows, but just like many of you, I find that the hairs are too light, grow unevenly, and the left and right side are off balanced. Shaping and tweezing is definitely important, but drawing them in makes the added (and huge) difference! Over the years, I’ve tested out plenty of brow products and in the most recent year, I’ve switched to a pretty basic routine. I used an eyebrow brush and an eyebrow palette. The issue with this lazy routine is that half my brows go missing midday. The pigments often slip off throughout the day due to sweat and oil and the palette I used was just not up to par.

Luckily for me (and you), Benefit released their newest BROW COLLECTION that consists of nine amazing products that are meant to WOW!

Shop the entire collection:

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Beauty :: Garnier SkinActive Routine

Garnier Skin Active Skin Care

No matter what age, what gender, what ethnicity you are, let’s face it (no pun intended), we all have skin concerns! For as long as I can remember, my skin concerns have always been 1) combination skin (extremely oily T-zone) 2) occasional acne outbreak and 3) sun exposure. Since my teenage years, I’ve been on the hunt for skin care products to help me address those exact issues. Sometimes, I would luck out and find the perfect product. However, as seasons change and unfortunately, with age, my skin tends to require different products to treat or prevent the same set of challenges. Therefore, I’m never really done when it comes to keeping a lookout for great items to add to my skincare routine – it’s an ongoing and evolving journey!

A couple of weeks ago, I was invited to stay at the beautiful Langdon Hall for the Garnier #SkinActiveRetreat where I was able to learn first hand about the skincare innovative and technology that SkinActive has to offer. I also received advice from Garnier’s Skin Expert, Dr. Noah Wieder and a personalized skincare prescription to aid me in battling my skincare troubles.

If you can relate to some of my concerns, read further to see my personalized skincare prescription!

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Beauty :: Newly Added Spring Favourites

Korres Wild Rose 1

Every start of a new season, I love trying some new beauty products to suit the needs of the change in temperature and mood. Spring is such an exciting time, it’s when we finally all come out of hiding and start to introduce bright colours and fruity scents to our daily routine. I came across a few new beauty items that I’m so excited to use on the daily, and most of all share them all with you

Have you added any new beauty finds to your vanity this Spring?

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Beauty :: My Journey of Losing My Hair to Alopecia

Aveda Canada Colour

I want to share a very personal story today. It’s not one that I’ve talked about openly. And though many close friends and family know that I’ve battled with episodes of Alopecia Areata (spot baldness) for almost a decade, I’m still quite emotionally sensitive to it. However, since the last onset of my condition, I’ve learned to cope with it and found a personal way to recover from it.

I have Alopecia Areata, there is no preventative measure, no treatment, and no prediction of when it may occur, and when it may decide to stop.

I feel inclined to share my journey (and a very special thanks to Aveda Canada for encouraging me to do so and pampering me with my first hair treatment since). For those of you who suffer from alopecia, it’s important to know that though there is no cure, there are steps you can take to recover, emotionally. Like all other diseases, treating from inside out, is the best remedy!

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