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When it comes to food and drink, such as meats, cheeses, wine, and whiskey, we’ve all experienced the wonders that the aged or vintage option has to offer. I’ve always been drawn to the vintage section of the liquor or foods store, where the world’s finest wines and cured meats are displayed. These aged items often have a wonderful story behind them, it’s like bringing a bit of history home to enjoy.

As familiar as I am to the world of vintages in food and drink, I’ve not yet experienced aged coffee and that’s why I’m so pleased to share that for the first time Nespresso has released SELECTION VINTAGE 2014, a limited edition collection Arabica coffee that was harvested three years ago. Due to the aging process, this coffee exhibits a complex taste with tinges of woodiness, fruity notes, and an incredibly decadent velvety texture.

How would you pair this rare breed of aged coffee to expose its most distinctive taste you ask?

Read more to find out!

Nespresso Vintage Coffee Collection 2
The advice of my fellow Nespresso coffee connoisseurs is that SELECTION VINTAGE 2014, currently available for OriginalLine and coming soon for VertuoLine should be enjoyed black. I decided to combine my love for aged meats and cheese and paired this special release with a perfectly curated charcuterie board.

Nespresso Vintage Coffee Collection 4
Nespresso Vintage Coffee Collection 6
Nespresso Vintage Coffee Collection 5
The mix of saltiness from the cured meats and cheeses, together with the slight tartness from an assorted selection of antipasto such as olives, mushrooms, sundried tomatoes and the added sweetness of fresh cherries, paired exceptionally well with the dark intensity (level 7) and woodiness that SELECTION VINTAGE 2014 is best known for.

Nespresso Vintage Coffee Collection 1
Preparing a charcuterie board is like a work of art. Selecting the meats, cheeses, crackers is definitely an important task, however the assembly process is certainly my favourite. There is so much creative liberty when it comes to this crowd pleaser, and adding a SELECTION VINTAGE 2014 will sure be an element of surprise.

Nespresso Vintage Coffee Collection 3
Swapping out a glass of wine with a cup of hot, intense, aged Nespresso coffee was a fantastic way to enjoy a weekend afternoon while catching up with friends.

Have you tried aged/vintage coffee before?

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