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From dessert tables and wine and cheese stations to DIY hot chocolate bars, we all know how popular ‘food stations’ have become in the world of home entertaining. They are a great way to bring guests together, and for us Instagram addicts out there, they also serve as the best backdrop for photo opps!

Creating a stellar food station for your next party doesn’t have to be an extravagant and daunting task. With the help of President’s Choice and the PC Insiders Holiday Collection, I put together a chocolate sweets station in just under ten minutes.

Read further for simple tips to create a festive chocolate sweets holiday station and also to discover some great gifts from #PCInsidersCollection!

PC Insiders Collection Chocolate Station
PC Insiders Collection Chocolate Sweets


1. Purchase a variety of your favourites.

I picked up some of my favourite chocolates and treats from the #PCInsidersCollection including:

2. Use mini serving bowls.

Nothing looks worse than half-filled serving trays and bowls. Instead of emptying out the entire bag of popcorn or box of chocolates at once into a large container, fill smaller serving bowls to the top and refill frequently throughout the evening. Your station will look nice and full regardless of when the party started!

PC Insiders Collection Chocolate Stations

3. Add festive décor.

Bring your station to life by injecting holiday decorations such as ribbons, holly, and Christmas lights. This creates an inviting atmosphere and is definitely IG story worthy!

4. Run a photo contest.

Why not have a little bit of fun and run a photo contest with your friends? Have cameras or mobile phones ready and encourage your guests to snap the best food station photo! Many of you know that up until a couple of months ago, I primarily took all my blog photos from my phone! Phone photos can be incredible.

I’m tempted to visit The Mobile Shop to test drive the new iPhone 7 that shoots using a dual camera technology! Did you know that The Mobile Shop is located in more than 175 Loblaw banner stores across Canada? That means it’s super convenient to shop for not only your grocery but also your mobile needs! The unique proposition that The Mobile Shop offers is that it draws from eight of Canada’s leading wireless providers (including PC® mobile), which gives you maximum flexibility when it comes to choosing your device or plan that suits your needs. And one more thing, if you collect PC® points you can earn and REDEEM your points at The Mobile Shop!

My friends at the The Mobile Shop provided me with some useful lighting tips for food photography. Print these out on a sign for your friends that may not be as photo-savvy!


One of the biggest mistakes Insta food photographers make is not having a good balance in their lighting. If you’re styling your favourite dishes at home, there are some simple dos and don’ts to keep in mind that will help make your food look as mouth-watering as possible.

  • Don’t shoot the food in direct natural sunlight. Its harsh rays will create shadows and remove textures, which can flatten the photo.
  • Don’t use flash. Reflections and shadows will further distort the image and create an unsightly glare.
  • Do brighten your photo afterwards with editing or filtering to create a more balanced, brighter photo.
  • Do position your food near a window. Ideally, in indirect light, which comes from a slight angle.

Make sure you reward the winning photographer with a bag full of #PCInsidersCollection sweets and treats served at the party!

PC Insiders Collection Chocolate Stations
PC Insiders Collection Holiday

5. Have fun and be merry!

And of course nothing is more important then enjoying each other’s company during this holiday season! So don’t stress about your next get together and find simple ways such as putting together this ten minute sweets station that will be sure to impress!

Be sure to check back for more holiday entertaining and DIY ideas, lots coming up this month!

Disclaimer: This post was sponsored by President’s Choice but all creative ideas and opinions are my own! Follow along #PCInsidersCollection and #DiscoverPC to find other fantastic food and entertaining ideas.

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