Lifestyle :: A Fresh Approach to Your Workday

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Many of you wonder how I can manage a full time gig and my side hustle as a blogger. Well, the secret is … I start my workdays early (I’m at my desk by 7 am!) and I am always looking for ways to cut down any unnecessary time spent on getting ready or preparing meals.

However, it also means that on extremely lazy or dreary days, I’m not always looking my finest during the wee hours of the morning, and admittedly, I also find myself reaching for unhealthy lunch and snack options just for the sake of saving time.

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Food & Drink :: Waking Up to Smoothie Bowls & Nespresso Vintage Collection

Nespresso Vintage Selection Smoothie Bowl

Last month, I introduced Nespresso’s limited edition release of SELECTION VINTAGE 2014, an Arabica coffee that was harvested three years ago. The coffee endures an interesting taste of woodiness combined with fruity notes, and a velvety texture. And since it was recommended that this special breed of matured coffee was to be enjoyed black, I was inspired to pair it with the bold flavors of aged meats and cheeses.

I’ve learned from my time with fellow Nespresso coffee connoisseurs that, just like wine, coffee, when paired with food, can exhibit different flavours and aromas.

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Food & Drink :: Sunkist Citrus and a Slow Cooker All Natural Air Freshener Recipe

Sunkist Cara Cara Navel Oranges

Last week I was invited by Sunkist to join them on a sensory experience at Planta. I love citrus fruits and ever since I was a little girl, Sunkist has always made its way into our family kitchen. My parents made a habit to serve us fruits after dinner, and urged that oranges were among the best, primarily due to its incredible source of vitamin C. Though eating a freshly peeled Sunkist orange is super delicious, I was so thrilled to learn at the Senses Event last week that there are so many more great ways to put citrus to use.

From fancy cocktails, delightful dishes, to natural beauty regimens, I’ll definitely be incorporating citrus fruits as part of my routine to re-energize and invigorate my body, mind, and soul this winter season! I also learned that the combination of lemons and oranges make the best all natural fragrance and was inspired by Sunkist and wellness expert, Abbey Sharp to try this air freshener recipe.

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Food & Drink :: Nespresso’s First Aged Coffee

Nespresso Vintage Coffee Collection 2

When it comes to food and drink, such as meats, cheeses, wine, and whiskey, we’ve all experienced the wonders that the aged or vintage option has to offer. I’ve always been drawn to the vintage section of the liquor or foods store, where the world’s finest wines and cured meats are displayed. These aged items often have a wonderful story behind them, it’s like bringing a bit of history home to enjoy.

As familiar as I am to the world of vintages in food and drink, I’ve not yet experienced aged coffee and that’s why I’m so pleased to share that for the first time Nespresso has released SELECTION VINTAGE 2014, a limited edition collection Arabica coffee that was harvested three years ago. Due to the aging process, this coffee exhibits a complex taste with tinges of woodiness, fruity notes, and an incredibly decadent velvety texture.

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Food & Drink :: Warm Apple Pie Oatmeal


Apple pie and oatmeal. Two of my favourite comfort food items, especially during these colder months. I’m always looking for fun and delicious ways to dress up a bowl of healthy oatmeal and the other day, while I was craving for a warm apple pie after dinner, it dawned on me that I can curb my dessert cravings in the morning, by combining these two delicious items! I had plenty of apples in the kitchen and luckily I also had all the ingredients needed for the apple pie filling already tucked away in the pantry – the stars were aligned!

Keep reading to see how you can easily make this Warm Apple Pie Oatmeal in just minutes!
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Food & Drink :: Nespresso Holiday Irish Coffee


Now that Christmas is over, what can you possibly do with all the leftover candy canes?! Sprinkle them over your favourite coffee cocktail for an elevated touch! Kyle and I are spending the next few days up north with a friends to ring in the New Year, nothing beats a hot beverage after a day on the slopes or by the fire, and when the coffee is as good as NESPRESSO‘s combined with the creamy flavour of Irish Liqueur, well all I can say is that life is good!

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Food & Drink :: Party Appetizers that Impress


I’ve always envied the people that come up with the most creative, delicious, and impressive appetizers to bring to a party. Every time I volunteer to bring an appetizer, I always end up with something safe, think simple devilled eggs (though they are pretty darn tasty), a meat and cheese board, or a veggie dip. The truth is, they’re a bit boring and quite frankly I’m ready for something elevated and more substantial!

During my visit to Loblaws last week, I came across three appetizer options from the PC Insiders Collection that were surprisingly delectable, but the best part is that they require almost zero prepping and they taste fresh and can almost fool the smartest taste testers. They’ll never believe these items came frozen!

Keep reading to see what three exciting appetizers I picked up!

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Food & Drink :: A Chocolate Sweets Holiday Station

PC Insiders Collection Chocolate Station

From dessert tables and wine and cheese stations to DIY hot chocolate bars, we all know how popular ‘food stations’ have become in the world of home entertaining. They are a great way to bring guests together, and for us Instagram addicts out there, they also serve as the best backdrop for photo opps!

Creating a stellar food station for your next party doesn’t have to be an extravagant and daunting task. With the help of President’s Choice and the PC Insiders Holiday Collection, I put together a chocolate sweets station in just under ten minutes.

Read further for simple tips to create a festive chocolate sweets holiday station and also to discover some great gifts from #PCInsidersCollection!

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Food & Drink :: Festive Nespresso Whipped Cream Mocha


Oh it’s that wonderful time of the year again, Christmas! We’re just under a month away and I’m starting to feel the holiday crunch already! Aside from picking up a fresh wreath and pine for our stairwell garland over the weekend, I have not yet started any Christmas shopping or decorations! I have though started to stock the kitchen with all sorts of holiday treats and couldn’t be happier!

One of my favourite winter beverages is hot chocolate. But, I’m often desperately craving coffee too. What’s a girl to do? Combine both of course!

Keep reading to see how to make your own NESPRESSO Whipped Cream Mocha!

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Food & Drink :: From Our Chefs™ Soups + More


I can eat soup just about everyday. Whether it’s hot and sticky out or it’s super windy and chilly, soups are my go-to comfort food. I love them because they are extremely versatile and can be prepared in so many different ways. In addition, they are typically packed with vegetables, offering many healthy options to help you reach your daily veggie intake.

During the weekend, when I’ve got a bit of extra time, I really enjoy slow cooking homemade soups. When it comes to Monday through Fridays, we’re extremely tight on time and for the most part rely on quick and easy meals. Without compromising taste and nutrition, we will stop by our local Loblaws on the way home to pick up our favourite From Our Chefs™ soups (the Tomato and Cheddar is tasty!) and a few other freshly prepared sides.

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