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I’m so glad that I finally managed to meet up with my photographer friend, Aminaz of Love Over Lenses over the past weekend to shoot these fun photos! I spent so much time in December working on holiday DIY posts that I really missed putting together outfits and sharing them with you guys!

As much as I prefer to be behind the scenes, many of you really enjoy it when I post photos of me via Instagram (who knew?!). So as part of my 2017 content strategy, I’ll be integrating more fashion and outfit posts, I hope you guys will like it! And as always, I really really appreciate all your support!

Aritzia Coat, Le Chateau OTK Boots, Westerbliss Sweater,
I was scouring the city and have even asked friends in UK and Europe to find the infamous Double G Gucci belt the whole Instagram world has essentially been swooning over. But, unfortunately, sold out EVERYWHERE in my size, so I’m out of luck!  Therefore, I decided to divert my energy on purchasing a New Year gift for myself instead! After much consideration and several visits to Nordstrom, I FINALLY brought this GG Marmont matelasse mini bag in white leather home with me!

This is the first ever white leather purse I own, and I can tell you that I’m scare shitless of getting it dirty!! I’ve been advised by so many of you that I should be EXTRA careful with the white leather, and definitely avoid wearing dark denim with it. For now, I’ll have to stick with lighter colours and make sure I wash my hands before handling it. The things we do for the things we love! LOL

I also want to give a special shout-out to CF Toronto Eaton Centre because they surprised me with a $250 gift card over the holidays when I randomly posted an IG Story of their giant Christmas Tree unveiling! It was absolutely NOT SPONSORED, NOT EXPECTED, and the surprise contest was absolutely NOT ADVERTISED! It was just me sharing how in awe I was of the size of that tree and was kindly awarded with a $250 gift card that obviously contributed to my new purchase! Thanks CF Toronto Eaton Centre!! Goes to show, sometimes, oversharing has its perks 🙂

Aritzia Coat, Le Chateau OTK Boots, GG Marmont Purse Karen Walker Sunglasses, Natalie Ho My Little Secrets
Karen Walker Sunglass, GG Marmont Purse, Burberry Scarf
Gucci GG Marmont Purse
Alley and Rae, Le Chateau OTK Boots, Westerbliss Sweater
I’ve also recently discovered an online boutique that carries THE cutest assortment of tees and mugs! This Alley & Rae t-shirt is made for weekend brunch and I can’t wait to share more tees I received!

Alley and Rae Breakfast Pancakes Coffee Tshirt
Wearing: Breakfast, Coffee, Pancakes T-shirt c/o Alley & Rae / Sweater Cardigan c/o Western Bliss Boutique / Cocoon Coat (old) from Aritzia / Denim from AEO / OTK Boots c/o LE CHATEAU / “Super Lunar” Karen Walker Sunglasses / Rosegold Chronograph Watch c/o Olivia Burton Watches / GG Marmont matelasse mini bag from Nordstrom

I hope you guys liked this easy Sunday look and can’t wait to share more with you!

Photo Credits: Love Over Lenses

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