Mother’s Day DIY :: Lavender Pockets and Tea

Mother’s Day is coming up, what do you have planned this year? I find moms appreciate all things hand-made (remember those drawings all over the fridge?!), therefore decided to tackle a DIY with some help from my friends at Chapters Indigo.

Chapters Indigo recently released a collection of DIY Craft Kits that are sure to turn you into a DIY queen. All kits contains everything you need and also step by step instructions. The collection includes an array of selection including DIY Vase Painting Kit, DIY Pillow Making Kit and DIY Mason Jar Painting Kit. For my Mother’s Day DIY, I decided to choose the DIY Lavender Pocket Kit (on sale for $13.50) that is sure to leave to a beautiful scent behind. Each kit comes with materials to make three Lavender Pockets and they smell delicious! These guys are perfect to tuck away in closets and drawers to make clothes (and shoes!) smell fresh of Spring.

In addition to creating these pockets for mom, why not combine a collection of her favourite goodies into a gift box? Tetley Tea has released a Signature Collection of teas that is sure to make mom as relaxed as can be! I also recommend tucking hand cut carnations into the gift box, what a great way to display fresh blooms!

Keep reading to see how to create these pockets and curate a beautiful gift box!

Mother's Day DIY Lavendar Pocket Chapters Indigo
What You Will Need:

DIY Lavendar Pocket Chapters Indigo
Mother's Day DIY Lavendar Pocket Chapters Indigo Tutorial
Mother's Day DIY Lavendar Pocket Chapters Indigo
I don’t lie when I say that the lavender beads smell wonderful! Such a simple DIY but sure to be beautiful. If you rather spend a DIY afternoon with mom instead, why not sip on some aromatic tea and craft a few of these kits together? It’d be a perfect Mother’s Day afternoon.

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