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Not sure if you had a chance to check it out, but I shared a gorgeous DIY tutorial last week from my time at Blush & Bloom. Not only is Becky ever so talented but her floral design studio was also ridiculously adorable. I likely spent more time peaking through every nook and cranny then on the actual floral arrangement as there was a piece of treasure to find in every corner.

My favourite items from the Blush & Bloom studio (by appointment only) include a large rustic wood plank working table, endless gold spray painted vases and mason jars, a ribbon display that is both functional and too pretty to handle, and a display of art and Becky’s work at various events and weddings.

Here are some photos of Blush & Bloom, I hope it inspires you to add a touch of “prettiness” into your work space or your home. Enjoy!

Blush and Bloom studio Blush and Bloom studio 3 Blush and Bloom studio 2 Blush and Bloom studio 4 Blush and Bloom studio 5 DIY floral arrangement 3

I can’t wait to visit Becky again! Have a fab one and stay sweet y’all!

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