DIY Inspiration :: 5 Ways to Update Your Winter Coat

Want to refresh your winter wardrobe without breaking your piggy bank? Why not take some of your existing coats and give it a new look instead? I’ve accumulated so many coats over the last few years, unless they’re classic, timeless pieces, I’m going to work on refashioning a few pieces.

Here are 5 easy ways to update your winter coats!

1. Add a fur trim to your coat.

You can find many faux fur trims options at your local fabric store. Or if you want to go for a luxe version, pick up a real fur trim from your local winter market, there are plenty of artisans that do find fur work.

(Image from The Satorialist)

2. Embellish the backs of your collar.

I absolutely love this DIY idea. Find some jewels, brooches, embellishments, and beads and style the back of standing collar. I bet those behind you will go gaga over this.

(Image from Burberry)

3. Add a bottom trim. 

Get creative with adding a bottom trim to your coat. You can go for fur, tassles, fringes, leathers or even  leather trim. The options are endless!

(Image from VirginiePeny)

4. Colourblocking.  

If you simple pick up some fabric paint at the craft store, you can create a similar colourblock effect. Try combinations like black/camel, black/white, blue/burgundy, or grey/red.

(Image from 9to5chic)

5. Add gold buttons. 

The easiest option of all. Update your coat by replacing with large, ornate, gold buttons. I guarantee it’ll give it a new, trendy style. I am tackling this one next!

(image from Zara)

What are some of your ideas to update a winter coat? I’d love to hear from you, please share your thoughts.

As always, thanks for reading!

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  1. allyssa says

    This is such a great post. I’m all for the fur trim. I have one that I stole from my mom and I put it on almost every coat I wear and it makes it look soooo much nicer. The idea of changing buttons is also a great way to make your coat looks more expensive.


  2. Munchkin says

    If you’d like to get a fur trim, buy a faux one, otherwise you’re buying blood, since fur farms skin animals alive to make that fur piece, it’s really sad but true…

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