DIY :: Spring Terrarium

Happy Monday friends! The weather over the weekend was fabulous and had me inspired to deconstruct this cute little DIY Spring terrarium I made late last week at an event with Crown Flora. I’m a huge fan of air plants, they are super low maintenance and such a perfect way to add life to the home without too much work. Much of the decorative materials I used can be purchased from a craft shop (heck, check the dollar store, lots of goodies there!), with the exception of the terrarium glass dome and air plant. You’ll likely have to visit a floral/garden supplies shop for these speciality items. But free free to plant your air plant terrarium using other types of vases, there are so many options out there!

Keep read to learn how to make this super simple DIY Spring Terrarium!

DIY Terrarium
What you will need:

  • Assorted stones and rocks
  • Air plant
  • Assorted moss
  • Terrarium glass dome
  • Variety of decorative items

DIY Terrarium Materials
Step by Step: Secure the air plant in it’s place first inside the vase. Spoon assorted stones and rocks as a support anchor to the air plant. / Arrange a variety of moss around the base / Place remaining decorative items / Be creative and have fun! / To hang the vase, simply loop a ribbon, rope, or twine through the top hole and affix to the ceiling of your home with a nail or screw.

DIY Spring Terrarium Tutorial
DIY Terrarium Tutorial
DIY Terrarium and Your Tea Happy Tea
Air plants prefer cooler temperatures and an atmosphere that is not too dry, they can survive typically from water mist. However, you will need to submerge the plan in water for two to three hours about every 2 weeks.

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