DIY :: Leopard Box Clutch

Hello! A super cute DIY to share with you today. I was inspired after seeing these clutches by Urania Gazelli. So off to the dollar store I went and picked up a couple of wooden boxes of varying size. As for the rest of the materials, I already had at home. These box clutches can be used as a small handbag or you can also use them as a personalized gift box or to store small jewelry items on your vanity. Regardless of which option, they are just super cute to add to the closet or home accessories.

What do you think? If you want more inspiration, I suggest you visit the Katespade website and have a look an assortment of cute box clutches they come up with every season.

What you will need:

  • Wooden boxes with a closure
  • Paint
  • Sponge paint brush or a regular paint brush
  • Something to line your working area and your paint
  • Sharpie markers – metallic ones are great for the leopard detail

Step by Step Instructions

1. Paint your wooden box with a base white color – this really is optional, but I like using one coat of white just to be sure.

2. Paint the sides as well and let dry with the box opened.

3. Paint the box with your colour of desire. Set aside and let dry for at least one hour.

4. + 5. Using a black sharpie, create a leopard print pattern. There really is no magic to this! Just scribble some assorted sizes all over your box.

6. Fill the inner part of the leopard pattern with a metallic sharpie and you’re all done!

leopard box clutch diy step by step tutorial

DIY leopard box clutch

I made two versions – slightly different shape/size and also colour combination!

I’ve also decided to try this new DIY tutorial layout, I’d love to get your feedback! Tomorrow is my big TEDx debut, I’m co-chairing a Toronto TEDx event and finally the big day has arrived. It’s been a grueling couple of months of planning, I hope it all goes well! For more information or interest in getting involved at the next TEDx event, feel free to contact me or visit

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  1. Koltureshoq says

    Just wanted you to know. I think you are fantastic. I’m trying out this DIY but in this case, I’m using an old sunglasses case. I’m done painting and will start with the print tonight. Wish me luck.


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