DIY: Iron-On Sweatshirt

TGIF (even though its Friday the 13th!)! I’ve been feeling a little under the weather lately and glad to finally regain some of my energy. I’ve been cozying up with a sweatshirt on the couch the last few days and reminded me of the screen printed word/phrase tees and sweatshirts (see this and this) I’ve been swooning over lately. Of course, that got my DIY juices flowing and couldn’t resist but to create my own.

I contemplated between a few phrases – If You Love It, Make It; DIY Queen; Make It; #DIYTHIS; and finally decided to go with this simple yet meaningful phrase – “DIY THIS”.

It only takes a few minutes and a few bucks so… “DIY THIS”!

DIY Sweatshirt, Word Sweatshrt, Printed Sweatshirt, Iron-On Sweatshirt

What you will need:

1. Once you’ve come up with your clever phrase, cut out the letters one by one. Ensure to leave a little bit of an edge for each letter.

DIY Sweatshirt, Word Sweatshrt, Printed Sweatshirt, Iron-On Sweatshirt

2. Lay the sweatshirt on a flat surface and ensure it is even. Play around with the arrangement of the letters.

3. Once you’ve decided on the arrangement, lay the letters down with the plastic side facing up.

NOTE: Make sure your letters are not backwards or upside down!!!


4. Heat up the iron and turn to the Wool setting (or follow your transfer sheet instructions).

5. Lay a cotton towel on top of the letters. Firmly press the iron over the towel and letters. Approximately one minute. Go over firmly several times, especially around the edges of the letters.

6. Flip the sweatshirt inside out, press the iron firmly over the inside surface for approximately 20 seconds.


7. Gently peel the plastic backing off of each letter.

DIY Sweatshirt, Word Sweatshrt, Printed Sweatshirt, Iron-On Sweatshirt


DIY Sweatshirt, Word Sweatshrt, Printed Sweatshirt, Iron-On Sweatshirt

DIY Sweatshirt, Word Sweatshrt, Printed Sweatshirt, Iron-On Sweatshirt

I’m pretty excited about sporting this “DIY THIS” sweatshirt. It can be dressed up with a skirt and a pair of heels or dressed down with a pair of ripped jeans and flats. I also decided to cut the neckline with scissors to create a wider neckline instead of a crew neck. However, I think I’ll leave it the way it is when I attempt my second sweatshirt!

What phrase would you put on your version?

I hope you had a great week and heading into a fun-filled weekend. More home decor projects for me this weekend, hoping to share some photos with you soon.

Oh! I’m also uber excited to be contributing on SheKnows regularly very soon! Be sure to check out my DIY projects then!

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    • Natalie (My Little Secrets) says

      Thanks Erin!!! I can totally see you sport one of these! – Natalie


  1. […] Natalie is the DIY fashionista behind My Little Secrets; DIY and Lifestyle Blog based in Toronto.  I like the words she put on her sweatshirt.  I have used these felt letters many times and they wash up perfectly. You can also get fun script letters in black or white and I see colored ones too. She has a hot link to Amazon for sweatshirts and letters. This is one really easy project that you can use to make gifts for the family.  Thanks Natalie for sharing your cute idea.  TUTORIAL HERE! […]

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