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Hello! For those of you who follow along on Instagram, I posted a photo last night of these yummy yummy donuts and asked if you could guess what I dressed them with! I’m pleased to reveal two super easy options to elevate your basic treats with an added touch of REESE Spreads. If you haven’t tried REESE Spreads, the perfect combination of chocolate and peanut butter flavor, stop what you’re doing and pick up a jar, it will change your life!

REESE Spreads are perfect to add to simple snacks such as apples, waffles and pretzels, but of course I wanted to tackle a couple of options that are not only super tasty BUT pretty to look at! Because why wouldn’t you want to feast on pretty treats?!

Read further to see how you can create your own decorative donuts and floral sponge cakes!

Reese Spread DIY Snacks
Decorative Donuts

What You’ll Need: REESE Spread, Plain Donuts, assorted trimmings such as sprinkles, peanuts, crushed popcorn, and chocolate chips.

Steps: Warm up REESE Spread in the microwave, spread generously with knife on donut, and decorate with your favourite trimmings!

Reese Spread DIY Donuts Ingredients
Reese Spread DIY Donuts 2
Reese Spread DIY Donuts 1
Reese Spread DIY Donuts final
Floral Sponge Cakes

What You’ll Need: REESE Spread, Mini Sponge Cakes (preferably with a center indent), fresh florals, ziplock bag or piping bag, knife

Steps: Put a spoonful of REESE Spread in your piping bag (or ziplock if you don’t have), warm up for 10-20 seconds in the microwave, pipe spread into sponge cake center, spread evenly with knife, decorate with fresh (washed) florals.

Reese Spread DIY floral cake
Reese Spread DIY floral cake 1
Reese Spread DIY floral cake 2
Reese Spread DIY floral cake 4
Reese Spread DIY floral cake final
I hope you enjoyed these! I had so much fun decorating them and guess what?! They are delicious!!! What an awesome way to elevate your next tea party or bake sale!

REESE Spread is available at major grocery and mass retail stores across Canada in 650g jars with a suggested retail price of $6.79. You can find more recipe ideas here. Be sure to share your creations on social media with #DoYouSpoon!

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