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When it comes to makeup, there is one thing I will absolutely not leave the house without. And that is drawing in my eye brows! Now, I do have hair on my brows, but just like many of you, I find that the hairs are too light, grow unevenly, and the left and right side are off balanced. Shaping and tweezing is definitely important, but drawing them in makes the added (and huge) difference! Over the years, I’ve tested out plenty of brow products and in the most recent year, I’ve switched to a pretty basic routine. I used an eyebrow brush and an eyebrow palette. The issue with this lazy routine is that half my brows go missing midday. The pigments often slip off throughout the day due to sweat and oil and the palette I used was just not up to par.

Luckily for me (and you), Benefit released their newest BROW COLLECTION that consists of nine amazing products that are meant to WOW!

Benefit Brow Collection
The experts behind the Benefit Brow Collection spent nearly three years working on these fabulous products that are meant to solve every girl’s brow dilemmas and instantly transform your look. Just like fashion, there are different brow trends and this collection gives you the opportunity to follow trends as you please (i.e. thicker, fuller, lighter, etc.). Every product is equipped with innovative high-performing formulas, custom- designed applicators, and mistake-proof shades. When it comes to the mistake-proof shades,  you’re bound to find one that matches you perfectly because most of the products come up to 6 shades!! (BTW, I’m a shade 4)

I had the chance to learn the brow basics with the Benefit Canada team using all the products in this collection and even picked up some extra tips and tricks. Oh my, am I obsessed!

Benefit Brow Collection 2
My favourite by far is ka-BROW. Though the entire collection can be used together as a multi-step routine, if I had to choose only one product from this entire collection, it will 100% be ka-BROW. Since I’ve brought this home, I’ve been using it daily. ka-BROW is cream-gel brow colour stored within a small pod and equipped with a brush that snaps onto the cap. The design of this applicator is made to nest perfectly in your hand, allowing you to control your brow strokes precisely. The cream-gel has the perfect texture.

I like to start mid brow, by outlining and filling towards the tail and then with lighter strokes, fill in the inner edges of my brows. This creates that feather-like effect. Before you start with this step, I highly recommend adding BROWVO! conditioning primer, a nutrient-rich primer for fuller-looking brows.

Benefit Ka Brow Review
Now, in terms of the perfect all-in-one travel companion, I must say brow zings is great choice. This total taming and shaping kit is paired with an eyebrow powder & wax duo, mini slanted tweezers and a new dual-sided extendable applicator. It is the ultimate mini kit for sculpting, shaping and filling brows. The tweezers are great for removing stray hairs before proceeding to applying the soft pigmented wax to brows with an angled brush for shape and definition, followed by applying the setting powder with the blending brush. This little kit is mini but mighty.

Benefit Brow Zings Review
For those of you who are more comfortable with pencils and pens, the goof proof brow pencil and precisely, my brow pencil are both great choices. One is designed for ultra fine brow defining while the other is super easy for brow-filling and shaping.

In terms of final touches, I also highly recommend the high brow & high brow glow which are made for highlighting the brow bone area. I however also use it for generally highlighting on cheek bones, nose bridge, etc, totally love it!

If you struggle with sparseness, the 3D BROWtones and gimme brow are both great options for creating volume. 3D BROWtones comes in two different shades that is meant to be brushed over brow hairs, creating subtle and golden highlights. gimme brow on the other hand is a brow volumizing fiber gel that contains tiny microfibers that adhere only to hair and not skin!

Benefit Brow Pencil Review
Benefit Brow Collection 1
Benefit Brow Collection Review
The Entire Collection shown above: ka-BROW / high brow & high brow glow / ready, set, BROW! / precisely, my brow pencil / 3D BROWtones / goof proof brow pencil / BROWVO! conditioning primer / brow zings / gimme brow 

I absolutely adore this collection and it has really enabled me to transform my brow looks as often as I want. Be sure to either visit the Benefit website to learn how to create your best brow looks or better yet, stop by your nearest Benefit Brow Bar and have a brow expert walk you through each step!

Tell me, how serious are you about your own brow game?!

Shop the entire collection here:

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