How To Guide :: Choosing the Right Mukluks

How to Choose the Right Manitobah Mukluks

I’ve got a thing of furry, comfy, beautiful boots. Manitobah Mukluks is one of my favourite brands to shop for warm boots. Admittedly, I’ve got a few pairs. Aboriginal-owned and proudly Canadian, Manitobah Mukluks‘ heritage story began thousands of years ago. In addition to its history, craftsmanship, and the quality of their boots, I’ve just simply fallen in love with the style and comfort of them. I’ve been asked several times while sporting my Kanada Mukluks whether my feet get cold or wet in the snow. The truth is … it depends. If I make the mistake of wearing them in the wrong climate, yes, my feet do get wet. That led me to investigate just how do you go about choosing the right Mukluk for the right climate? In turns out, Waneek Horn-Miller, Dean of The Storyboot School, had a whole series of answers for me. For us Canadians […] Read the full article →

Giveaway :: Valentine’s Spark/Engagement Session

Afterglow Spark Session Photoshoot Giveaway

Hello lovelies! February is just around the corner and we know it’s the month of LOOOVEEEE! I’ll be posting several Valentine’s Day posts over the next couple of weeks, hoping to inspire you to get cozy and cuddly with your special someone. Of course, to kick off this coming month of love, I’ve teamed up with our amazing wedding photographer, Afterglow Images and we’re giving away a Personalized Spark/Engagement Photography Session valued at $550 to one lucky reader!

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Outfit :: Winter Classics

Le Chateau Jan Shoe Ambassador 3

I tend to revert to classic pieces during the winter months. I find it so challenging to introduce colorful and fun pieces during these cold months. Therefore, it’s so essential to stock the closet with some high quality and simple pieces that can mix and match, such as a classic wool coat, and an abundance of knits and sweaters.

Just how awesome is this eyelash lace sweater dress from Forever21 I’m sporting (sadly, currently sold out)?! I do however like to add a few finishing touches with winter accessories and fine details where possible, just to keep things interesting.

I’m also thrilled to be one of Le Chateau‘s Shoe Ambassador for 2015! I decided to kick the new year off by selecting these Italian made short leather booties with an industrial chain detail as my January shoe pick of the month. I am absolutely obsessed with these buttery soft goodness and have been on repeat!

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Wedding Planning 101 :: The WedLuxe Wedding Show

WedLuxe Show 2015

I had the fine pleasure of attending this year’s WedLuxe Wedding Show at Toronto’s Arcadian venue this past weekend. The show was a major feast for the eyes, I was completely surrounded by oodles and oodles of beautiful wedding inspiration.

Most of you who have been following my wedding planning journey already know that I have 95% of my vendors booked for our big day. It now comes down to ironing out every single detail for the show and the WedLuxe Wedding Show definitely had me leaving with bundles of ideas.

If you’re looking for Toronto’s best wedding vendors, I HIGHLY recommend you to invest in this show, and this show only. Every guest who attended the show left with a designer tote bag valued at $150, hand picked stemmed roses from The Celestine Flower Market presented by Frank Rea, Forget Me Not Flowers, and a copy of the brand new issue of WedLuxe Magazine.

I’ve been to several wedding shows in the past, and I promise you that The WedLuxe Wedding Show is worth the extra investment!

Read further to see a few beautiful photos I captured during my visit.

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Wedding Planning 101 :: 4th & 5th Month

Wedding Planning 101

OMG … we’re just under 6 months away from the BIG day! I failed to report on my wedding planning progress in November, primarily because I really didn’t get much accomplished. Not because I was lazy, but much of what we needed to do in the first few months was behind us, and much of what we need to accomplish really just didn’t make sense to get moving on until closer to date. So, November and December were all about brainstorming and narrowing our wedding decor ideas. Trust me … magazines and Pinterest can help, but can also overwhelm!

Of course, I did have several items slated in for the 4th and 5th month (again, I’m working off a 9 month wedding planning schedule), and happy to say I did manage to check a few items off the list and a couple of surprise items that also got added.
Read further to see my list of wedding planning progress!

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Beauty :: Top Products for 2015

Top Beauty Products 2015

Happy New Year friends! I’m totally excited to introduce some fabo new beauty products for 2015! I love trying out new products and learning all about the new things that are going to make me feel ‘oh so fancy’! Hopefully you’ll enjoy this round up of beauty sneak peeks coming to Murale this early part of 2015.

What are some beauty products you’re most excited to add to your vanity?

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Good Bye 2014, Hello 2015!

NYE 2014

I can’t believe another year has flew by! Apologies for being MIA the last week, while I’d like to say I was indulging in oodles of holiday goodness, unfortunately I was hit with the flu and was home bound for days. Wishing hose of you that also caught the flu over the holidays to a speedy recovery!

A short post to reflect on what a fantastic year I had in 2014, so many memorable moments and I’m forever grateful to have a fabulous support system in my life. From magazine features, to TV appearances, to memorable vacations, to promotions, and being engaged, 2014 will certainly be a year hard to top!

Thank you for every single one of you for visiting my blog, following my journey through Instagram and encouraging me to continue to inspire, I wish you all the best this coming year!

Remember, tomorrow is the start of a new book, make it a good one! I hope you have the best NYE, be safe, put on your sparkly shoes, and dance till dawn!

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DIY :: Reusable Table Setting Placemats

DIY Laminated Reusable Table Setting Placemats

Hooray! Just a couple of days to go until Christmas! Though it is the most exciting time of the year, it can get fairly hectic, don’t you agree? I’ve got a great DIY to help you simplify your table setting and easy clean up too!

This year, Kyle and I are hosting an intimate dinner at our house on Christmas Day. When the two of us eat at home, we are super casual and rarely properly set the table, therefore I am so thrilled that I finally get the chance to ‘formally’ set the dining table. Instead of running out to to purchase a set of matching placemats, coasters, and name cards, I decided to design a fun faux table setting placemat accompanied with matching coasters and place cards.

Guess what? I also laminated these DIY table setting placemats so that they can be personalized and reused for my next dinner parties to come!

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DIY :: Jewelry Trays (FIMO)

DIY Jewelry Trays FIMO Clay

Greetings! I came across these DIY Jewelry Trays on Gaby’s Instagram feed a few weeks ago and absolutely HAD to take (virtual) lessons from her and made a few of my own. Last weekend, with DIY materials in hand, my girlfriends and I had a mini DIY night-in and made an assortment of DIY jewelry trays from FIMO Clay. It was such a fun way to spend time with the besties while sipping on wine and catching up. The girls did a far better job then I did with their DIY jewelry trays, I had to borrow them to take photos.

Thanks Gaby for sharing your tutorial, these DIY jewelry trays make a great Christmas gift or favors at your next party! Keep reading for some minor variations I made.

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Gift Guide :: Last Minute Gifts for All

Christmas Holiday Gift Guide 2014

Hello Friends! I’ve barely started my Christmas shopping … yikes! If you’re on the same boat as me, I’ve curated a selection of great (and affordable) gift ideas for you to consider! There are also some great promotions happening this weekend, so be sure to snatch up your gifts on sale, it’ll definitely help you save a few bucks!

Top on my list are Daniel Wellington watches. I recently purchased this Classic Sheffield for my BFF and acquired one for myself as well. They make the best gift and lucky for you, receive 15% off until Dec 31 with an exclusive promo code: holiday_mylittlesecrets during checkout!

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