Outfit :: What is Old is New Again


Don’t you love it when you find something that you’ve forgotten you had in your own closet? It’s like shopping without having to spend any cash! I was digging through my closet the other day trying to locate a t-shirt when I stumbled across this vintage Dior clutch. I totally forgot I had this and honestly, I can’t even remember how I acquired it!

The thing I love most about winter fashion are all the different fabrics – faux fur, velvet, suede, you name it! My vintage Dior deserved to be paired with luxe companions, therefore I decided to bring out all three fun textures!

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Food & Drink :: Festive Nespresso Whipped Cream Mocha


Oh it’s that wonderful time of the year again, Christmas! We’re just under a month away and I’m starting to feel the holiday crunch already! Aside from picking up a fresh wreath and pine for our stairwell garland over the weekend, I have not yet started any Christmas shopping or decorations! I have though started to stock the kitchen with all sorts of holiday treats and couldn’t be happier!

One of my favourite winter beverages is hot chocolate. But, I’m often desperately craving coffee too. What’s a girl to do? Combine both of course!

Keep reading to see how to make your own NESPRESSO Whipped Cream Mocha!

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Food & Drink :: From Our Chefs™ Soups + More


I can eat soup just about everyday. Whether it’s hot and sticky out or it’s super windy and chilly, soups are my go-to comfort food. I love them because they are extremely versatile and can be prepared in so many different ways. In addition, they are typically packed with vegetables, offering many healthy options to help you reach your daily veggie intake.

During the weekend, when I’ve got a bit of extra time, I really enjoy slow cooking homemade soups. When it comes to Monday through Fridays, we’re extremely tight on time and for the most part rely on quick and easy meals. Without compromising taste and nutrition, we will stop by our local Loblaws on the way home to pick up our favourite From Our Chefs™ soups (the Tomato and Cheddar is tasty!) and a few other freshly prepared sides.

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DIY :: {Gucci Inspired} Embroidered Denim


I love love love everything about Gucci’s embroidered collection of items. From their bags, dresses, denim, and shoes, I am totally smitten! If you’ve been following along on Instagram, you’ll know that I pulled the trigger late in the Summer and purchased the Gucci Princetown leather slipper because ever since the first time I laid my eyes on the rose embroidery, I knew we were meant to be! I’ve been seeing more and more embroidery patchwork pop up all over stores and online and since I couldn’t justify spending more on another statement piece (at least not for another couple of months!) I did what any DIY enthusiast would do, I recreated my own pieces!

It’s been awhile since I worked on a fashion DIY project and I’m SO excited to share these Gucci inspired denim with you! I posted up a short DIY video tutorial below, it’s my first one would love to see what you think.

Keep reading below to see how you can create your own pair of Gucci Inspired Embroidered Denim!

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Style Tip :: Essentials for your Black Friday Survival Kit


There are two times within the year that I love to score a great shopping deal. The first is during Boxing Week and the second is on Black Friday!
Black Friday, centered around the American Thanksgiving holiday has become quite popular in Canada over the last several years and I, too, have come to embrace and partake in this annual shopping event!

When it comes to shopping, I approach it like a sport – committed, competitive, and equipped. I know that sounds intense! But when you’re out at the malls, fighting crowds for hours, you need to be prepared and on your A-game to find the best deals out there!

As I gear up for Black Friday sales at DIXIE Outlet Mall, I thought I’d share my personal suggestions on how to curate the essentials for your Black Friday Survival Kit so you can focus on snatching the best deals!

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Beauty :: The Ultimate Stocking Stuffers for the Beauty Obsessed


I absolutely can’t believe that it’s less than two months until Christmas!!! Of all the holiday traditions, I am most thrilled about decorating the tree, preparing new recipes for festive feasts and unwrapping my Christmas Stocking!

As much as I enjoy unwrapping my stocking on Christmas morning which is typically filled with Toblerone bars, socks, books, and more chocolate (thanks to Kyle), I equally enjoy shopping for them! I love curating themed stockings and finding unique items that corresponds to the theme. The best part about this approach is, you are able to still personalize each and every item to suit the recipient’s preferences.

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Outfit :: Oversized Cardi & Leopard Print + $100 Giveaway!


We’ve been spoiled by the perfect Fall weather lately, you know the kind that allows you to pile up a few light layers and drape on an oversized coat (LOVE mine from SOSKEN Studios)? While cleaning my storage room the other day as we get ready for a little DIY home renovation project, I found these fun leopard print booties I bought a few seasons ago from Zara. I was so glad I stumbled upon them because honestly I had totally forgotten about them!

Since the boots already exhibit a pretty loud print, I decided to pair them with this new Cupcakes and Cashmere overcoat I received from Sash Boutique. I love the burnt orange/red stripes on this coat, it adds an interesting twist of colour without being over the top. I’ve been a long time fan of Emily Schuman of Cupcakes and Cashmere and so happy to have acquired my very first peice from her fashion line! Thanks Sash!

Keep reading to win a $100 gift card to Sash Boutique!

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Home :: Tips to Help You Battle Your Next Cleaning

Pine-sol cleaning tips

Since coming back from Iceland last week (and stay tuned for my FULL post on my trip coming up soon!) my house has been a complete disaster! The guestroom is piled up with laundry, the bedroom is covered in dust, the bathtub is full of soap scum and the kitchen? Don’t get me started! Dirty dishes in the sink, clean dishes trapped in the dishwasher and the list goes on. I’m sure, like me, you’ve experienced the overwhelming amount of cleaning you need to tackle just as the weekend approaches.

Believe it or not, as much as I find the act of cleaning relaxing, there was just so much to handle this past weekend. Luckily, like most of you, I find short cuts and products that I love to help me do the dirty (pun intended) job.

Read more to see my top tips to help you fight your next cleaning battle!

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Food & Drink :: Fruit Infused Sparkling Water


Aside from coffee, cold pressed juices, red wine and the occasion gin and tonic, I rarely consume pop or carbonated drinks. However, sparkling water is an exception and happens to be my go-to choice when it comes to an elevated everyday beverage. With my recent personal choice of cutting back on caffeine and alcohol intake, I’ve become quite acquainted with my SodaStream Power machine. Read the full article →

From My Desk :: Interview with Wantfolio

My Little Secrets, Natalie Ho Living Room tour | photo by: ARTIE

I met Lesley Metcalfe, Editor of Wantfolio several years ago at a networking event for women entrepreneurs. Lesley and I connected right off the bat and we managed to keep in touch over the course of the last few years. I’ve mentioned many times that my most favourite thing about blogging is meeting inspiring people like Lesley, and learning about all the cool ventures and start-ups that are being created each and everyday in this digital age.

I connected with Lesley recently to learn about Wantfolio,  a comprehensive platform where you can read, see, save, snap and share everything you want. What you want to wear, eat, drink. Where you want to go. What you want to do. Who you want to be. Wantfolio is unique because the best global content in already curated for you, without you having to go looking for it. I’ve been using this app myself the last couple of weeks, and I particularly love it because the content is lifestyle focused, spanning across many lifestyle verticals.

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