Lifestyle :: A Day in the Life of OOAK artisan – Pepper B Design

OOAK Pepper B Design 3

As a DIY enthusiast, I have major appreciation for all things handmade and each year when I visit the One of a Kind Show, I’m always so in awe of the time and effort that each artisan puts forward in order to bring their best work and pieces to the marketplace. Each product is like a work of art, because when it comes to handmade goods, every item is unique. No one item is identical to the next, and that’s what makes them all so very special.

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Lifestyle :: A Fresh Approach to Your Workday

Natalie Ho - Joe Fresh 1 700px

Many of you wonder how I can manage a full time gig and my side hustle as a blogger. Well, the secret is … I start my workdays early (I’m at my desk by 7 am!) and I am always looking for ways to cut down any unnecessary time spent on getting ready or preparing meals.

However, it also means that on extremely lazy or dreary days, I’m not always looking my finest during the wee hours of the morning, and admittedly, I also find myself reaching for unhealthy lunch and snack options just for the sake of saving time.

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Outfit :: A Pink Valentine

Le Chateau Valentines

I love Valentine’s Day because it always gives me the excuse to dress in pink! And honestly, I also LOVE seeing all the cute heart shaped products that get released, they are all so adorable! We celebrated Valentine’s Day early this year by visiting FIGO for an amazingly delicious prix fixe brunch. If you’ve not yet visited FIGO, I highly recommend it. Not only are the cocktails and food fantastic, but the interior decor inside is on-point and so romantic.

I sported some pre-Spring items for our brunch date, including this floral dress from Joe Fresh (I linked more options below) and a crepe pastel pink blazer. I also picked up this pair of grey suede boots, I’ve been eyeing them for a while and so glad to see that they’re currently 50% off!

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Food & Drink :: Waking Up to Smoothie Bowls & Nespresso Vintage Collection

Nespresso Vintage Selection Smoothie Bowl

Last month, I introduced Nespresso’s limited edition release of SELECTION VINTAGE 2014, an Arabica coffee that was harvested three years ago. The coffee endures an interesting taste of woodiness combined with fruity notes, and a velvety texture. And since it was recommended that this special breed of matured coffee was to be enjoyed black, I was inspired to pair it with the bold flavors of aged meats and cheeses.

I’ve learned from my time with fellow Nespresso coffee connoisseurs that, just like wine, coffee, when paired with food, can exhibit different flavours and aromas.

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Beauty :: New Look New You with Aveda

Aveda Civello Review

A little while back, I shared a very personal story about my journey of losing my hair to alopecia areata. Suffering from alopeica (hair loss), especially when it is unexpected and sudden can be extremely detrimental, both physically and emotionally. For those of you who are/have (or know friends and family) experiencing or experienced with any form of hair loss, I hope you were able to find some level of comfort or encouragement after you read my post from last April.

I am happy to report that since my last update, I’ve not experienced another episode and with the help of some amazing Aveda hair products, I’ve also managed to keep my hair and scalp nice and healthy!

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Beauty :: Winter Skincare and Beverage Pairings

Winter Skincare Shoppers Drug Mart Lise Watier 1

Do you change up your skincare routine during the harsh winter months? What about your diet? Do you consume foods that will help you nourish your skin? Well, if you’re not already doing so, think twice!

During the cold months while you’re exposing your skin to the chill air and gusty winds, your skin can experience increased dryness, redness, and dehydration. It’s so important to modify your skincare products so that they can help you battle those challenges!

In addition to stocking up your vanity with some supercharged items, it’s also a great time to add some extra wholesome and hydrating items to your diet to combat winter skin inside and out!

Read further to learn about some of my newly-added Winter Skincare and Beverage Pairings from Shoppers Drug Mart and President’s Choice!

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Outfit :: Comfy AF

Alley and Rae Comfy AF Sweatshirt

I was super stoked when I found these pink velvet boots at ZARA. I had been contemplating for awhile but was a little gun shy on making the move because let’s face it, pink and velvet is anything but typically when it comes to choice in footwear. I was afraid that they would be a challenge to pair an outfit with and also unsure about how the material would hold up. I mean we’re in the midst of winter after all!

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Food & Drink :: Sunkist Citrus and a Slow Cooker All Natural Air Freshener Recipe

Sunkist Cara Cara Navel Oranges

Last week I was invited by Sunkist to join them on a sensory experience at Planta. I love citrus fruits and ever since I was a little girl, Sunkist has always made its way into our family kitchen. My parents made a habit to serve us fruits after dinner, and urged that oranges were among the best, primarily due to its incredible source of vitamin C. Though eating a freshly peeled Sunkist orange is super delicious, I was so thrilled to learn at the Senses Event last week that there are so many more great ways to put citrus to use.

From fancy cocktails, delightful dishes, to natural beauty regimens, I’ll definitely be incorporating citrus fruits as part of my routine to re-energize and invigorate my body, mind, and soul this winter season! I also learned that the combination of lemons and oranges make the best all natural fragrance and was inspired by Sunkist and wellness expert, Abbey Sharp to try this air freshener recipe.

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Lifestyle :: Be Your Own Kind of Wonderful


Aging is scary. I remembered when I turned 30 a few years ago, I had this overwhelming feeling or uneasiness. I was overwhelmed by the fact that I was approaching a new decade and a new era of added responsibilities.  I was also worried about the anticipated changes to my skin and my body. The fact that I started to see a few strands of silver in my hair, fine lines that appeared around my eyes when I laughed, and accepting the reality that my jeans and bras just didn’t quite ‘fill in’ the same anymore. Basically, I was freaking myself out!

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DIY :: Sharpie Watercolour Journals and Desk Accessories

DIY Desk Accessories Office Space

I love using Sharpie markers in my DIY projects. They are so versatile and come in so many different colours, felt tip sizes, and can be drawn on countless materials and surfaces. With the fresh start of 2017, I’ve got my mind on setting goals and planning out the projects and accomplishments I want to tackle this year. My home office is where I get a lot of head-down work done but it’s also where I’m most inspired.

To kick off the year, I thought it’d be the perfect time customize some new notepads and desk accessories with the help of the limited-edition Sharpie Color Burst Permanent Markers. I used a simple watercolour technique with the Sharpie markers and the results were fabulous!

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