DIY :: Sharpie Watercolour Journals and Desk Accessories

DIY Desk Accessories Office Space

I love using Sharpie markers in my DIY projects. They are so versatile and come in so many different colours, felt tip sizes, and can be drawn on countless materials and surfaces. With the fresh start of 2017, I’ve got my mind on setting goals and planning out the projects and accomplishments I want to tackle this year. My home office is where I get a lot of head-down work done but it’s also where I’m most inspired.

To kick off the year, I thought it’d be the perfect time customize some new notepads and desk accessories with the help of the limited-edition Sharpie Color Burst Permanent Markers. I used a simple watercolour technique with the Sharpie markers and the results were fabulous!

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Outfit :: Easy Sunday

Aritzia Coat, Le Chateau OTK Boots, Westerbliss Sweater,

I’m so glad that I finally managed to meet up with my photographer friend, Aminaz of Love Over Lenses over the past weekend to shoot these fun photos! I spent so much time in December working on holiday DIY posts that I really missed putting together outfits and sharing them with you guys!

As much as I prefer to be behind the scenes, many of you really enjoy it when I post photos of me via Instagram (who knew?!). So as part of my 2017 content strategy, I’ll be integrating more fashion and outfit posts, I hope you guys will like it! And as always, I really really appreciate all your support!

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Food & Drink :: Nespresso’s First Aged Coffee

Nespresso Vintage Coffee Collection 2

When it comes to food and drink, such as meats, cheeses, wine, and whiskey, we’ve all experienced the wonders that the aged or vintage option has to offer. I’ve always been drawn to the vintage section of the liquor or foods store, where the world’s finest wines and cured meats are displayed. These aged items often have a wonderful story behind them, it’s like bringing a bit of history home to enjoy.

As familiar as I am to the world of vintages in food and drink, I’ve not yet experienced aged coffee and that’s why I’m so pleased to share that for the first time Nespresso has released SELECTION VINTAGE 2014, a limited edition collection Arabica coffee that was harvested three years ago. Due to the aging process, this coffee exhibits a complex taste with tinges of woodiness, fruity notes, and an incredibly decadent velvety texture.

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Food & Drink :: Warm Apple Pie Oatmeal


Apple pie and oatmeal. Two of my favourite comfort food items, especially during these colder months. I’m always looking for fun and delicious ways to dress up a bowl of healthy oatmeal and the other day, while I was craving for a warm apple pie after dinner, it dawned on me that I can curb my dessert cravings in the morning, by combining these two delicious items! I had plenty of apples in the kitchen and luckily I also had all the ingredients needed for the apple pie filling already tucked away in the pantry – the stars were aligned!

Keep reading to see how you can easily make this Warm Apple Pie Oatmeal in just minutes!
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Most Pinned Posts of 2016


Hello world! I’ve been on a blogging break and so happy to be back today! I had originally planned to post last week but then got hit with a flu literally on the last day of 2016, I finally feel like myself again and ready to tackle the new year!

As I started to plan my 2017 blog goals list, I sifted through a bunch of stats and data to see what I should be focusing my efforts on. Naturally, I studied my Pinterest account to see what you guys loved most! I was so surprised to see that some of my posts have received tens of thousands of pins!

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Food & Drink :: Nespresso Holiday Irish Coffee


Now that Christmas is over, what can you possibly do with all the leftover candy canes?! Sprinkle them over your favourite coffee cocktail for an elevated touch! Kyle and I are spending the next few days up north with a friends to ring in the New Year, nothing beats a hot beverage after a day on the slopes or by the fire, and when the coffee is as good as NESPRESSO‘s combined with the creamy flavour of Irish Liqueur, well all I can say is that life is good!

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Outfit :: Frills and Sips


Happy Christmas weekend lovelies!

This is the last post before I sign off for the next few days. It was a crazy hectic but exciting past week, I’m sure most of you were just like me, running around, wrapping things up (no pun intended!). As you continue to tackle the fun-filled busy holiday festivities, remember to take some time off for yourself and reflect on all the amaziness you accomplished this year!

Last weekend, I had the chance to meet up with blogger babe Joelle of La Petite Noob to chit chat and sip on coffee in between all the holiday madness. Since Joelle is always dressed to impress, I thought I’d put some extra effort on my Sunday outfit of choice!

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Food & Drink :: Party Appetizers that Impress


I’ve always envied the people that come up with the most creative, delicious, and impressive appetizers to bring to a party. Every time I volunteer to bring an appetizer, I always end up with something safe, think simple devilled eggs (though they are pretty darn tasty), a meat and cheese board, or a veggie dip. The truth is, they’re a bit boring and quite frankly I’m ready for something elevated and more substantial!

During my visit to Loblaws last week, I came across three appetizer options from the PC Insiders Collection that were surprisingly delectable, but the best part is that they require almost zero prepping and they taste fresh and can almost fool the smartest taste testers. They’ll never believe these items came frozen!

Keep reading to see what three exciting appetizers I picked up!

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DIY :: Spreading Joy with Giant Christmas Crackers


Do the kids in your family love unwrapping presents as much as the ones in mine? My nephews LOVE ripping wrapping paper apart. It’s been a family tradition that on Christmas Eve, we all gather at my sister’s place and bring our gifts over to unwrap. The kids are always volunteering to open up ours even though they’ve got plenty of their own to tackle!! It’s incredible how much joy they get from tearing paper and boxes apart with all their might!

This year, I thought I’d spread some extra joy to them and greet them with a couple of Giant Christmas Crackers filled with Cadbury Dairy Milk goodies! Did you know there are Christmas themed Cadbury Mini Eggs?!

Read further to see how to make giant Christmas crackers! They’re also great for adults of all ages!

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Home Décor: Tips on Staying Cozy and Warm during the Winter Season


If you ask any of my colleagues, family or friends, I’m always the one that’s cold at the office or at home. Regardless of time of year, I’m convinced that I’ve physically been wired to be a few degrees cooler than everyone else! At the office, you will often find a huge scarf draped over my shoulders, and at home, I’m always the one snuggled up with a giant faux fur throw.

The winter weather has really made its way to us, and I’m pretty sure that we won’t be experiencing a mild one in comparison to last year. Staying warm and toasty doesn’t mean you’ve got to crank up the heat (my husband will thank me for that!) or put your long johns on for bedtime stories!

I’ve partnered with Sunbeam to share a few tips on staying cozy at home this winter and a chance for one of you to win a heated throw valued at $100!

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