Wedding :: Groom’s Day

Grooms Day 1

Brides spend so much effort planning out their beauty routine for the wedding day, I know I did! But what about the grooms?! The special guy in your life most definitely also need some TLC ahead of the big day. Whether you’re planning your own wedding or helping out a friend, be sure to add a special “Groom’s Day” on your wedding planning checklist. I guarantee the groom would be very appreciative and feel extra special leading up to the big day!

When I was planning out my day prior and day of beauty schedule, i.e. nails, facial, hair, makeup, I also suggested for Kyle to set aside time to get pampered before saying “I do”.  The several weeks lead up to our wedding day (hard to believe it’s been two months!), I added a few extra goodies and regimens to his routine.

Read further for some suggestions on pampering your guy for the big day!

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DIY :: Painted Outdoor Patio Bench

BEHR Paint Project - DIY Painted Outdoor Patio Bench

Hello! So hard to believe that September is just around the corner! With Summer drawing to an end, I’ve been spending time enjoying these last warm days and also frantically trying to complete the list of “to-dos’ I had set out long before. Glad to say I had a successful weekend accomplishing both!

We have two outdoor balconies in our townhome, one on the main level where we do most of our lounging and BBQ-ing and the second is set outside our bedroom suite, which we don’t occupy too often, but it’s a great private outdoor space for cozy nights. When we moved in two years ago, we placed our old patio set from our condo terrace onto the top floor balcony. After suffering from two winters, the patio set endured some harsh weather and it was time to get it some TLC again. With the cooler weather ahead, I thought it’d be a great time to transform our top floor balcony into a Fall oasis by first giving our patio bench and table a new fresh coat of paint and dressing the rest of the space with comfy cushions and snuggly blankets.

Alas! I’m thrilled to reveal my first paint project as one of BEHR Paint’s DIY Experts with this newly upgraded outdoor patio bench!

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Outfit :: Floral Midi and Lace Ups

Summer Outfit 2

I stumbled across this beautiful wall mural in an alleyway last night on our way to Mamakas Taverna last night and couldn’t resist to stop a snap a few photos (therefore, excuse the lack of makeup and clean hair!)! It worked out extremely well as I was dying to share this extremo comfortable floral midi dress I snatched up at Brandy Melville earlier this week. I swear, I can live in this dress forevers and already have big plans to buy every single pattern they have.

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Travel :: How to Pack for the Honeymoon

Honeymoon Packing

We are just over a month away until we head off to our honeymoon! I’m so excited to take some time off and spend some time with the hubby! It was a tough decision in terms of picking our locations for our trip, but after several elimination rounds, we finally decided to tour a few European cities. I’m so excited to explore Prague, Budapest, and the Greek Islands of Mykonos and Santorini, and finishing up with a pit stop in London.

With several cities on the docket and two weeks away from home, packing for this honeymoon will certainly require some thinking through. On one hand I want to pack a variety of clothing items to suit every (un)foreseeable situation, but on the other hand, I also want to reduce the amount of bags to avoid additional baggage fees. Decisions, decisions.

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Food & Drink :: Pineapple Mojito with BACARDÍ

DIY Bacardi Pineapple Mojito

Throwing a summer soiree this weekend or headed up to the cottage?! I’ve got a simple yet delicious BACARDÍ Pineapple Mojito recipe to get your geared up for some summer time fun! I LOVE mojitos, it’s definitely by far my favourite drink of choice. I love the taste of fresh mint and lime. To add an extra kick to the already delicious BACARDÍ mojito, I added some fresh pineapples to my version.

I hope you’ll enjoy my last pineapple inspired recipe, for more pineapple goodness, see DIY Pineapple Split and DIY Pineapple Banana Mint Smoothie!

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Beauty :: Facial Definition and Contouring Made Easy

Estee Lauder New Dimension Review

Beautiful, plump cheeks and well defined jawlines are important among women, including myself. I’ve been blessed with chubby cheeks, but certainly not well defined facial contours. I’m sure many of you have tried contouring using various makeup kits that are now available on the market. And some of you have likely perfected the mastery of contouring, but I’m sure many of you, just like me,  don’t have time in the morning to spend minutes painting contouring lines of different shades, and highlighting with different powders or just simply haven’t mastered this skill yet.

Good news though. I’m happy to be sharing two new products from Estee Lauder that may aid you with more defined looking facial contoursNew Dimension Shape + Sculpt Face Kit and New Dimension Shape + Fill Expert Serum.

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DIY Varathane Challenge :: Marquee Sign Charcuterie Board (on wheels!)

DIY Charcuterie Board Marquee Sign Varathane

It’s been sometime since I worked on a home DIY project. I’m extra excited about the reveal of today’s project! I hope you guys really like it! I was asked to participate in an fun Varathane #LoveYourWood challenge alongside 9 other talented bloggers to show just exactly how creative a can of Varathane wood stain can get.

We were tasked to create an original wood project using a surprise box of items and a can of wood stain. I obviously couldn’t turn down the challenge! After racking my brain for days, I finally came up with the idea of creating an oversized, moveable charcuterie board! Charcuterie boards and tables are fabulous, but sometimes, those things can be so elaborate and hard to move around from one end to the table to the other. Therefore, I added an element of function but securing small caster wheels to the bottom of my creation! In addition to amping up the functionality, I also wanted to add an extra element of design. Inspired by lit up marquee signs, I drilled holes through the board to create the illusion of a lit up marquee sign – thoughts!?

I hope you like this DIY oversized moveable marquee sign charcuterie board!

I’d really appreciate if you can cast a vote for me on the Helping You Finish Facebook Page to help me win a grand prize of $2500 and you can win Varathane prizes too! I promise I will share bigger and even better DIY projects in the future!

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Beauty :: Murad Canada Beauty Picks

Beauty Murad Review

One of the best things about blogging is being introduced to so many great beauty products on the market. To truly test a new product’s effects, it really does require a little bit of time. I was introduced to Murad skin care in early July and spent the month giving it a test drive. Murad carries a collection on skin care products that are targeted to ‘making everyday better”. With product lines specializing in balancing combination skin, anti-aging, treating acne, and sun protection, there sure is a collection that is proven to assist with your skincare needs are.

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Food & Drink :: My Ritual

My Ritual Toronto, Food Order App

I’m all about efficiency when it comes to my daily routine. Lining up for my morning coffee, breakfast, and midday lunch certainly doesn’t speak to efficiency. As much as I enjoy browsing through my morning Instagram feed and checking missed emails during the time I’m waiting for my lunch to be prepared, I’d much rather skip the lines, get my food, and get on with my busy day.

Totally glad I was recently introduced to RITUAL, a mobile app that allows you to pre-order your meal in your neighborhood and ready when you arrive to pick up. No lines, no payments during pick up – if that’s not efficiency… I don’t know what is!

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Lifestyle :: Unique Housewarming Gifts

Gifts for Women, Uncommon Goods

projects, and moving furniture around that it barely seems like we’ve been in there for that period of time. Time flies!

The month leading up to Labour Day and Back to School seems to be a particularly popular month to move into a new house.  And with new homes also means housewarming parties. As much as I love a good bottle or red wine and a couple of crystal wine glasses, let’s face it, it’s not exactly the most unique or fascinating gift to celebrating a new home!

I’m always searching for unique housewarming gifts. Many new homeowners are already on a tight budget with all the expenses that come with closing a new house. What better way to give them a break by extending a few special gifts to them?!

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