Home Decor :: 5 Design Tips for Your Next Kitchen Renovation

White and Grey Kitchen Renovation

I’ve been meaning to share my kitchen renovation experience with you for quite some time now! Those of you who follow along on Instagram have seen a few teaser photos, and thank you for all the generous comments! Renovating a kitchen can be an extremely daunting, and it is true when people tell you that you WILL likely go over budget and you WILL likely exceed your original timelines. The best way to handle potential stress is to anticipate and be open to these changes.

I was thrilled when The Comfortable House invited me to to share a glimpse of our new, beloved space.

Read further for five worthwhile tips to get you started on your future kitchen projects!

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#BeautyDare :: Electric Blue Liner & Nude Lips

Nude Lip Makeup

I rarely attempt to wear electric colour makeup (with the exception of a fuchsia pink lip from time to time) because let’s face it electric blue, green, and purple remind me just too much of tacky 80’s music videos! During my trip out west with Shopper’s Drug Mart Beauty Boutique team earlier this month, I was encouraged to try my “beauty never”, the results were unexpected and I was extremely pleased!

Read further to see what my “beauty never” is and how to recreate it!

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DIY :: Tasselled Gladiator Sandals

DIY Tassel Gladiator Sandals Le Chateau 2

I’ve always been a fan of Gladiator style sandals. I remember when I visited Greece last year, I saw a huge variety of styles. Athens and Santorini offered styles that reminded me of ancient Greece meanwhile, on the swanky island of Mykonos, boutiques were carrying sandals that were embellished with colour beading, fringes, pom pom trims, and tassels.

I’ve been seeing a variety of embellished styles pop up all over Instagram, most of them, designed and decorated by talented artists and fashionistas. So naturally, I had to attempt a pair myself. I picked up these gold Gladiator Sandals from LE CHATEAU last month and finally had the chance to embellish them!

Read further to see what items I used to make these DIY Tasseled Gladiator Sandals..

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Outfit :: Purple Love

Purple Romper Outfit

The absolute best thing about blogging is the gift of meeting other bloggers and influencers! A lot of people ask me why I bother to juggle so many balls in the air (i.e. full time and blogging) and honestly, the reward is making new friends, travelling to new destinations, and exploring new horizons. Last week, I got to do all of the above!

Read more to see the full look and my adventure last week!

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Food & Drink :: Weekend Brunching

La Societe Brunch Lobster Benedict

When it comes to brunching in Toronto, no one will disagree with me that it’s become a favourite weekend activity. It’s not merely ordering food, consuming it because you’re hungry, or a way to get the day started so that you can simply move onto your weekend festivities.

Brunch IS the festivity.

Our nearby neighborhood, Leslieville have an abundance of mouth-watering options for brunch. However, we love exploring new brunch spots because it gives us the chance to also explore areas of the city that we don’t often frequent.

A couple of weekends ago, we ventured to the La Société patio to sample their array of delicious dishes offered on their new brunch menu. Read further to see my top recommendations!

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Outfit :: Do Not Disturb

Summer Swim Suit and Round Beach Blanket

I’ve been in hiding last couple of weeks getting some much needed R&R! We spent the entire last week in Port Carling enjoying the best of summer, hanging by the lake, sipping on cocktails, and unplugging from the (digital) world. I’ll be sure to share some scenes from our cottage trip as many of you asked me the cottage listing after seeing it on Instagram!

A super quick post today to share this fun one-piece swimsuit I packed along with me from the lovely Taylor Ellen. I thought his Do Not Disturb number was so fitting for my week of hiatus. She carries a number of fun one piece swim suits and tops, and you can also customize your own. I love supporting Canadian shops, so I urge you to check it out and flex your creative muscles and customize your own!

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DIY :: Indoor Potted Flower Centerpiece

Scotts Potted Flowers 2

I’ve been having so much fun this Summer season with my growing adventures! I’ve been making strides with some of the projects I set forth at the beginning of my Scotts® Gro Crew journey, and guess what, I’ve not yet to kill any or my plants!

Last month, I shared my tips on how to create a lush potted herb garden and to go one extra step, how to freeze and preserve them. I’ve been adding my herbs to so many great recipes since.

As for this month, my goal was to beautify the interior of my home, and thought it would only be appropriate to tackle an indoor project with the help of a premium Scotts® Miracle-Gro product. I debated between a few ideas such as an indoor terrarium or a simple potted succulent, but I wanted to go an extra step and add some extra colour with this indoor potted flower centerpiece.

Find out how to you create your own potted flower centerpiece, they can be a great wedding centerpiece alternative (it cost less than $25)!

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Outfit :: Off-Shoulder and Fringes

heart shaped sunglasses

We spent last weekend strolling through the streets of Yorkville after enjoying an incredible brunch at La Societe (all you can drink Cava, Caesars and Mimosas for $35!). I’m absolutely loving the heat wave that has bestowed upon us which has had me living in light weight tops and shorts majority of the time. I picked up this floral off-the-shoulder top ($20) from the annual ZARA sale and it’s been on heavy rotation. The floral print is a statement in itself but I managed to pair it with some fun  added details, such as these heart shaped sunglasses ($10) and fringed denim shorts ($26) to give this outfit some extra pop.

What makes me extra happy (aside from the 4 glasses of mimosas during brunch time) is that most of my outfit was purchased at a heavy discount! Oh, how I love a good sale!

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DIY :: BBQ Backyard (Pool) Party Hostess Gift Box

Dixie Mall BBQ Themed Backyard Party Gift Box 3

The best part about summer is by far getting together with friends and spending some quality time over great food and bevvies while soaking in some sun. I love throwing outdoor BBQ parties but I honestly love attending them more!

I know just about how much work and preparation goes into hosting an impressive BBQ (Pool) Party, and often times as the host, you are so busy worrying about your guests having a good time, that you often miss your own party! To say thanks, I like to surprise the host/hostess with fun gifts for their hospitality, that’s the least we can do as guests, right?!

I partnered with DIXIE Outlet Mall to show you how inexpensive and simple it is to curate the ultimate BBQ Backyard (Pool) Party Hostess Gift Box!

I guarantee that the hostess will be so grateful and you will be the best guest on the guest list!

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Outfit :: Floral & Cage

Floral Dress Cage Sandals

For someone that’s worked in the financial and insurance industry for the last decade, I’m likely considered as someone that pushes the limits when it comes to dressing for the office compared to some of my colleagues. My love for fashion has always encouraged me to pull out my ripped jeans, leather vest, or sneakers for the office, even if I’m interviewing candidates or seeing clients! I know that I’m lucky to work for a company that likes to have a bit of fun and doesn’t correlate office wardrobe to professionalism.

For those of you who grew up in casual and flexible working environments like me, you’ve got nothing to worry about in terms of adhering to a strict dress code. But did you know for some of my peers in the same industry, they’ve mentioned that open toe shoes and even sandals are strictly prohibited in the office space accordingly to their companies’ dress code policy (like, OMG!). Here is a recent outfit I wore to the office and yes it consists of my recent favourite Caged Sandals gifted from my friends at SHOEme.

SHOEme and I wanted to show you some fun ways to break conventional rules, including sporting sandals to work!

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