From My Desk :: Interview with Wantfolio

My Little Secrets, Natalie Ho Living Room tour | photo by: ARTIE

I met Lesley Metcalfe, Editor of Wantfolio several years ago at a networking event for women entrepreneurs. Lesley and I connected right off the bat and we managed to keep in touch over the course of the last few years. I’ve mentioned many times that my most favourite thing about blogging is meeting inspiring people like Lesley, and learning about all the cool ventures and start-ups that are being created each and everyday in this digital age.

I connected with Lesley recently to learn about Wantfolio,  a comprehensive platform where you can read, see, save, snap and share everything you want. What you want to wear, eat, drink. Where you want to go. What you want to do. Who you want to be. Wantfolio is unique because the best global content in already curated for you, without you having to go looking for it. I’ve been using this app myself the last couple of weeks, and I particularly love it because the content is lifestyle focused, spanning across many lifestyle verticals.

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Food & Drink :: DIY Monogram Latte Art


If you’re following along on Instagram, you all know how much I love latte art. Since I’ve started my partnership with NESPRESSO as a member of their Coffee Connoisseur Club, I’ve been meaning to attempt my hand at crafting a cup of my own. Needless to say, after observing the local baristas perform this very skillful mastery and watching countless YouTube videos, I’ve yet to succeed at these wonderful little creations.

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Outfit :: Sweater Weather


I absolutely can’t believe we’re approaching the end of October already! How time flies! I’ve been in denial in terms of admitting that it’s likely time to bring out the Winter coats. Instead, I’ve been practicing my layering skills and embracing what ‘Sweater Weather’ has to offer.

For Brunchday (and by that I mean Sunday LOL!), I layered up a thin Cold Shoulder Knit with a SUPER SOFT cardigan. If I were to give any recommendations for layering, start with less bulk and work your way up. The worst (and most uncomfortable) approach is starting with something too loose and chunky underneath, creating what I call, ‘fat armpits’.

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Outfit :: Fall Foliage {BRAVE Leather Giveaway}


There are only a few weeks in the year where you get to experience the beauty that Fall has to offer. The trees are changing in colour as they are getting ready to shed their layer of leaves in time for Winter. We visited Rouge Park with the hopes to capture the wonderful views but I’d say that we were only partially successful. The park was HUGE and we was pointed to a handful of park entrances that didn’t guide us to exactly the vision of Fall foliage I was looking for! Needless to say, we engaged in a refreshing stroll through the park grounds and breathed in the fresh warm autumn air. We did however manage to find this quiet shaded tree-lined nook and snapped a few photos of my casual look.

Accessories are key when it comes to sprucing up any casual outfit and so happy that my friends at BRAVE Leather recommended this double buckle leather belt and shearling bucket bag as the perfect companions.

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Home Décor :: Inviting Fall Tablescape with One of a Kind Online Shop


With the cooler season upon us, I’ve been less tempted to dine out (thanks to the close of summer patio season!) and have finally decided to dust off my apron. I’ve been researching a number of fall themed recipes and cannot wait to host our friends for long overdue dinner parties.

While serving up delicious food and drink is the number one priority when it comes to being a hostess, I’m equally serious about setting the perfect, swoon-worthy tablescape.

This season, I’ve partnered up with the One of a Kind Online Shop to share my Fall Favourites from Ontario’s very own artisan community to help you get a head start on setting up an inviting yet impressive tablescape.

Read further to see my selection of #LocalLoveAffair and chance to win $100 gift card from the One of a Kind Online Shop!

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Food & Drink :: Warm Apple Pumpkin Spiced Coconut Oatmeal


On the weekends, I tend to go all out when it comes to breakfast/brunch – think bacon, eggs, pancakes, fried chicken and waffles (don’t judge), fancy brunch spot concoctions, you know, the whole nine yards. But during the work week, I need something that is simple and quick to assemble, but without having to compromise my level of satisfaction, both in taste and quantity.

Oatmeal is my go-to and it’s super good for you! I love that it is extremely versatile and can be enjoyed cold or hot and sweet or savoury. Inspired by the cozy Fall weather, I prepared this Warm Apple Pumpkin Spiced Coconut Oatmeal and have been literally eating it several times weekly!

This oatmeal recipe only takes a few minutes to make, read further to see how!

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From My Desk :: Office Necessities and VQ Speaker Giveaway


It’s been some time since I’ve shared tips ‘From My Desk‘! Today’s post is dedicated to some of my favourite desk mates that keep me super focused and also give me a hand when I’m on the run. My equation for maximum productivity includes a dose of morning Nespresso caffeine, blasting my must-have playlists from my smartphone, making to-do lists, and easy to use portable electronics.

Keep reading to see my current must-have gadgets and a chance to WIN the beautiful Bluetooth speakers pictured below!

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Food & Drink :: Thanksgiving Pumpkin Waffles Brunch


As much as I enjoy heading out to the city for brunch, nothing compares to pampering loved ones at home with a beautiful brunch spread. There is something extremely precious and nostalgic about waking up and smelling the fresh scent of eggs, bacon, or waffles being prepared in the kitchen.

With Canadian Thanksgiving approaching this weekend, I thought what better way to celebrate than to wake up to a delicious and festive brunch? For those of you who follow along know that I love hacking recipes and pulling together simple dishes to enjoy. I was so lucky to have reunited (believe it or not via Instagram) with my super talented friend and true foodie, Sonia of saltnpepperhere whom I haven’t seen in over 6 years! I decided to invite her over to my home last weekend to create some Thanksgiving brunch magic.

Sonia made these delicious Pumpkin Waffles (original recipe here) and we spent Sunday morning having a blast catching up.

Read further to see how you can too prepare Pumpkin Waffles for your Thanksgiving brunch!

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Outfit :: Stepping into Fall


Wearing OTK boots to the office can be a bit delicate. If not paired appropriately, the whole look can back fire, and well truthfully, it can go from classy to sleazy too quickly! The key to pairing your over-the-knee boots in the workplace is to find a dress with a conservative length and (trendy) cut. This dress is by far one of my most favourite purchases this season, it has the perfect mini bell sleeves that is currently trending and exhibits a slightly loose but structured cut that allows for layering of a dress shirt underneath without adding extra bulk. And as the weather starts to cool down even more, it can been paired with slim pants and a knit turtleneck that makes a smooth transition into winter. A super great buy in my opinion!

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Home :: Fall Transition with Dyson Pure Hot + Cold Link


This summer, we experienced record high temperatures which led to turning on the air conditioner non-stop! I’m glad that the cooler (more comfortable) temperatures finally arrived as much as I love the heat but I am also looking forward to giving our electricity bill a break and opening up the windows to let some fresh air in. However, living in a 3-story townhouse can be quite tricky when it comes to regulating the indoor temperatures, heat tends to rise, causing our bedroom floor to get pretty warm at night even when the windows are open. And when you couple that with a husband that prefers to be 10 degrees cooler than me at all times… well “tricky” would be an understatement.

I’m so glad that for this transitional period (before cranking the central heat), Dyson has come to our rescue with the Dyson Pure Hot + Cold Link. This high-end nifty device, will both COOL and WARM your home but the MAJOR added bonus is that it is also a automated air purifier.

Read more to learn about the Dyson Pure Hot + Cold Link and why it’s the best fan, heater, and purifier, all year round.

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